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LDS Church releases artistic rendering of the Bangkok Thailand Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released an artistic rendering of the Bangkok Thailand Temple on Monday. The rendering depicts a six-story, 44,405-square-foot design featuring several spires, according to Mormon Newsroom.

“The Bangkok Temple will be a blessing to all the people of this area,” said President Russell M. Nelson, president of the LDS Church. “It will be a symbol of faith to tens of thousands of members of the church throughout the region and their commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It will also stand as a reminder that God loves and cares for all of His children. All we do in the church points to the Lord and his holy house.”

The temple will be located on Petchaburi Road in the center of a business and residential area of Bangkok on property the church has owned for a decade. An existing office building there houses the Thailand Bangkok Mission as well as the church’s welfare offices for the country. The property is located near the Makkasen Station of the Airport Rail Link line that runs from the Suvarnabhumi Airport through Bangkok. The property will also be served by a substantially sized underground parking facility.

Announced in April 2015 by President Thomas S. Monson, the temple will be the first in Thailand. Church members in the area currently travel over 1,000 miles to the temple in Hong Kong.

It is one of 23 temples that have been announced or are currently under construction. After 3 to 4 years of expected construction, the Bangkok Thailand Temple will join the 159 operating temples worldwide.

In addition to the temple, a religious building will be constructed. The 91,370-square-foot structure will be home to seminary and institute facilities, mission offices and housing, religious meetinghouses and a service center in addition to substantial underground parking.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was formally organized and recognized in 1966 in Thailand, which now is home to 21,274 Mormons comprising 40 congregations and four stakes (a stake is similar to a Catholic diocese).

President Gordon B. Hinckley was the first LDS Church president to visit the country, meeting with members and city and national leaders in Bangkok in June 2000.

Plans have been announced for President Nelson to take a three-continent trip through Europe, Africa and Asia next month.

Considered by Mormons to be the “house of the Lord” and the most sacred place on earth, a temple differs from an LDS meetinghouse, which is the center for Sabbath worship and weekly activities for church members. Temples are where members attend to learn of God’s plan for his children and where sacred ceremonies are conducted that connect families with their ancestors.