Fleas, moths, bed bugs and mice don’t mess with this pest control company, especially when they dance and sing in unison. This performance designed by BYU’s AdLab also just put their ad in a league of its own.

Adweek featured BYU AdLab’s pest extermination video that earned the top student award at the ANDY Awards in an article published Tuesday.

The three-minute ad, “Pests Do Not Mess With the Orkin Man,” features a catchy jingle sung to the melody of “My Favorite Things” from "The Sound of Music." AdWeek sent the musical number to The Richards Group in Dallas, Orkin’s actual agency for feedback.

“We love The Orkin Man, and we love musicals,” Richards Group creative director David Morring told Adweek. “Congratulations to BYU and the creative team for a very funny and very well-produced video, and for winning the ANDY Awards Student Grand Prize. We’re flattered to have our longtime advertising icon considered with the same high regard as Maria von Trapp.”

The video brings “Broadway stylings to Southwestern suburbia,” AdWeek’s Gabriel Beltrone wrote. He praised the musical for its creativity and execution.

“Like all musicals, it’s a particular flavor,” Belltrone wrote. “But in that wheelhouse, it’s well executed, smartly borrowing from the canon for its melodic backbone, and delivering a cohesive lyrical rewrite and strong performances, for an engaging final result (possibly more likely to generate laughs than the brand’s official termite comedian).”

To read the entire Adweek article or watch the video, click here.