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7 proven things women do better than men


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Ladies, get ready for some bragging rights.

In honor of Women’s History Month, here are seven scientifically proven things women do better than men.


Though women may not necessarily be smarter than their male counterparts, it seems they are inherently better learners, according to a study released by the University of Georgia and Columbia University. Research showed that girls performed better than boys due to their approach toward learning – factoring in such things as attentiveness, task persistence, eagerness to learn, flexibility and organization.


This one may not be as shocking, but in case there was any doubt, the University of Glasgow released scientific evidence proving women are, in fact, better multitaskers than men. The test required participants to devise a plan to find lost keys while simultaneously answering random trivia questions over the phone.

“This one significant advantage for women on the key search task suggests that they may be superior at tasks requiring high-level cognitive control, particularly planning, monitoring and inhibition,” said Keith Laws, professor of cognitive neuropsychology at the University of Hertfordshire and one of the authors of the study.

Dealing with pain

For the sake of humanity, perhaps we should be grateful it’s women and not men who are tasked with the role of childbearing. When it comes to pain tolerance, "MythBusters" put the sexes to the test, and women pulled off a painful victory. Participants, unaware they were competing against the opposite sex, were challenged to hold their arms in a bucket of ice-cold water, with the women averaging 16.1 seconds longer than the men.

Staying healthy

You can blame the “man cold” on a genetic advantage women have over men — their immune systems are stronger. According to a study by researchers at McGill University, this can be attributed to the fact that estrogen blocks the production of a certain enzyme that causes inflammation.


Though many women expressed doubt in their abilities to make wise investments, Fidelity Investments released a survey showing that they tended to outperform men when it came to generating a return on their investments. Why? While men tended to be overconfident in their trading abilities, the more conservative approach most women took resulted in a higher investment over time, according to a Berkeley's Haas School of Business study.

Competing in endurance sports

Once upon a time, playing sports “like a girl” was considered an insult, but science has proven otherwise. A study by the NRC Research Press found that upon finishing a challenging endurance sport, “females exhibited smaller reductions in power and similar changes in the rate of neuromuscular activation than males, indicating females were less fatigable than males.”

Simply put: A woman's body handled endurance sports better than a man's body did.

Living longer

Not only do women’s bodies handle endurance better than men, but they’ve also excelled in the ultimate endurance sport: life. It’s a good thing women are better investors because they are outliving men in nearly every part of the world, according to statistics released by the World Health Organization. Perhaps that inflammation-fighting estrogen plays a role as well?

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