Claire Crosby and Vocal Point both released videos this week that celebrate the peace and hope of Easter.

5-year-old Claire Crosby and her dad, Dave Crosby, released a video of the song “Peace in Christ” and Vocal Point released "In Christ Alone" in honor of Easter this weekend.

Claire, dressed in a pink dress, begins the song and her dad joins in for the second verse and chorus. “Peace in Christ,” the 2018 Mutual theme song, talks about finding peace in the Savior when we choose to follow him. The video is filmed in an outdoor location with blooming trees and a duck pond, capturing the essence of spring and the rebirth we can find in the Savior.

“He gives us hope when hope is gone. He gives us strength when we can’t go on. He gives us shelter in the storms of life. When there’s no peace on earth, there is peace in Christ,” Claire sings.

This is Claire’s third Easter video. In 2017, Claire sang “Beautiful Savior.” Her first Easter video “Gethsemane” has totaled 9.3 million views since its release in 2016.

In this next video, Vocal Point sings “In Christ Alone,” arranged by director McKay Crockett. The song's lyrics speak of finding hope in Christ who is our Comforter and God’s gift of love and righteousness. “No matter where you are on life’s journey, strength can be found #InChristAlone,” Vocal Point posted on Twitter.

Jenny Oaks Baker released an instrumental cover of “The Spirit of God,” which she performs with her four children. The video features Baker on the violin while her children accompany on the piano, cello, guitar and another violin. Her new album, “The Spirit of God: Classic Hymns and Spirituals,” was released today.

“It is truly a glorious hymn and I love this arrangement that sweetly evokes the warmth and the light of the Holy Spirit,” Baker wrote in the video description.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s Facebook account posted about his recent trip to Florida and visiting stakes affected by the recent high school shooting. He wrote about the importance of mourning with those who mourn and finding home in the Savior’s Church. “The gospel offers for you and me daily comfort and peace because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice… That is what this Easter week is all about. Therefore, let us follow Him!” he wrote.

Recently I visited stakes and missions in Florida. I took the opportunity to have a family devotional in the stakes most...

Posted by <a href="">Dieter F Uchtdorf</a> on <a href="">Thursday, March 29, 2018</a>

The Facebook account of Elder Neil L. Anderson invited his followers to participate in general conference and promised “as you prepare… you will hear the voice of the Lord.” He said thoughts and feelings will come that are customized for each listener, if we watch sincerely with a desire to be taught.

We in the Quorum of the Twelve have had the blessing of seeing the Lord’s mantle rest squarely upon the shoulders of...

Posted by <a href="">Neil L Andersen</a> on <a href="">Wednesday, March 28, 2018</a>

The Facebook account of Elder Quentin L. Cook shared a picture from his recent trip to Nicaragua and what he learned from members there. Righteous living and religious observance are two actions that are in our control, he wrote. “As you stay on the path of righteousness with a focus on the Savior and a pledge to follow His example, you will feel the Spirit in your lives, and because of His atoning sacrifice, you will have the peace, happiness, and joy that you desire,” he said.

Look at this magnificent group of youth and parents in Nicaragua! I had the privilege of meeting with them just a few...

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Elder Gary E. Stevenson recently toured Asia. His Facebook account talked about a group of young people he met in Myanmar and the growth the church in that area is experiencing due to social media. He wrote, “Like these faithful Saints of Myanmar, may each of you have the courage to blog, pin, like, share, post, friend, tweet, snap, and swipe up in a way that will glorify, honor, and respect the will of our loving Heavenly Father and bring souls to Christ."

Recently, I toured the Asia Area and visited six countries in just over one week. Among these countries, I met a special...

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