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When Billy Graham acknowledged Glenn Beck as a Mormon and Christian

SALT LAKE CITY — Glenn Beck believes there are moments in everybody's lives that fundamentally change them.

For Beck, a media personality, one such moment came in his only visit with the Rev. Billy Graham several years ago.

"One was when he looked me in the eye and said, 'I've been where you are now, where the Lord is telling me to do things that I don't quite know what he means or how to do it. But I did it, and I did my best,'" Beck said. "And I will never forget the clarity in his eyes. And he said, 'Because of that, I do not fear death.' Not a lot of people — when it comes down to it — can say that."

The comment by Beck came in a 2014 interview he had with Ruth Graham, Billy Graham's daughter. The interview was posted on YouTube Feb. 21, the date of Billy Graham's death.

While discussing Billy Graham's life and experiences in the same interview, Beck recalled how the famous American evangelist once acknowledged him as a Christian, even while knowing of his membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Beck said his conversation with Billy Graham came about five years before his interview with Ruth Graham, according to the video.

“I remember … your father asked me some very pointed questions,” Beck said in the video. “And somebody in the room said, ‘Just a reminder, he’s Mormon.’ And your father turned to the individual and said, ‘I know.’”

“And he looked back at me and said — we were talking about a certain subject — and he said, ‘Tell me how you know that came from Christ,’” Beck said. “And I told him.”

“And he (Graham) looked back to the other individual and said, ‘He sure sounds Christian to me,’” Beck said before pausing to gather his emotions.

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