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UTubers: 'Studio C' goes back in time, Chris Provost attempts Churro challenge

"Studio C" gets a surprise visit from the future in its latest video "Back To The Past."
"Studio C" gets a surprise visit from the future in its latest video "Back To The Past."
Studio C/YouTube screenshot

In this week’s roundup, UTubers travelled through time and space and all around the world. The videos feature everything from tourism in Ireland to churros in Disneyland.

Ever wondered what you would tell yourself if you could travel back in time? This new “Studio C” sketch, influenced by the movie “Back to the Future,” goes back to the past to stop something from happening. When Mikey proposes to his girlfriend Erica, they get a surprise visit from Mikey in the future. “I know every bad thing that is going to happen to you,” future Mikey says, warning them of all their upcoming troubles while trying to convince him to dump Erica.

We all know how it feels to be in the middle of talking to someone when suddenly they are interrupted by their phone. The words “I’m listening” are heard all too often in “Studio C”’s next video in which Matthew struggles to communicate with James who is distracted by texting. Turns out he may have been paying more attention than Matthew thought.

Chris Provost, emcee for FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention, undergoes a “Space Mountain Churro Challenge” at Disneyland in this next video. Provost attempts to eat 15 churros and ride Space Mountain 15 times in one day to win a bet for $200. Watch as he races against the clock, facing ride breakdowns and nausea, as he attempts to eat 20 total feet of churros in between rides. Can he complete the challenge without throwing up?

Devin Graham and Teamsupertramp traveled to Ireland to film their newest video. Get lost in the vast countryside, intricate architecture and breathtaking coastal views of the country while listening to the words of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken.”

Trick Shot Titus shows never-before-seen clips from 2013 to 2015 in his new video “The Lost Trick Shots.” Watch Titus at ages 3 and 4 make crazy shots down waterslides, in airports and with the Utah Jazz Bear.

Dan from “What’s Inside” goes inside a bulletproof backpack in light of the recent school shootings. Though he couldn’t find a backpack that could protect from an AR-15, he did find a panel that fits inside a backpack and successfully stops an AR-15 bullet. Watch as he puts the panel to the test in this video.

Welcome Table Productions released a new video for its latest project “Splitting the Sky,” a YouTube series telling the inspiring stories of faithful Mormon women. This video tells the story of Denece, who struggled with divorce after 24 years of being married to her husband and the father of her four children. “I came to know first hand that Christ is the master healer. He really is. It’s not something we’re just taught about, but this is real,” Denece says in the video.