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LDS Church temporarily removing volunteers out of Turkey due to 'political tensions'

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced that its volunteers serving in Turkey have been temporarily reassigned, according to church spokesman Daniel Woodruff.

"Due to a prolonged period of heightened political tensions in Turkey, all of our volunteers serving in that country have been temporarily reassigned," the statement reads. "This includes 20 young men, four young women and five senior couples. They will be temporarily reassigned to other regions in Europe, Asia and North America. Additionally, four volunteers who are nearing the end of their service will return home. The safety of our volunteers is a primary concern for the church, and we work diligently to monitor conditions and make adjustments as needed in an effort to promote their safety."

"As was announced in February, the Bulgaria Sofia Mission was to be realigned with the Central Eurasian Mission. The combined missions will now be known as the Bulgaria/Central Eurasian Mission headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. The country of Turkey continues to be part of this mission."

Turkey, like Russia, is a country where LDS missionaries are referred to as volunteers.