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Top distracted driving memes from Join the Resistance

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Over the past few months, Zero Fatalities ran a campaign called Join the Resistance, aimed at empowering and uniting Utahns to eliminate distraction behind the wheel. More than a thousand Utahns joined the effort and ultimately saved lives on our roads.

Over the course of the campaign, participants could earn rewards for getting others to resist distracted driving while behind the wheel. One action in the contest was to create an original meme on distracted driving. The Resistance members did not disappoint with their creativity. Here are the top distracted driving memes from Join the Resistance.

1. Stranger Things


It’s no secret that we love “Stranger Things” at Zero Fatalities and UDOT. The pun on Allyse C.’s meme was one of our favorite submissions from the contest. If staying focused behind the wheel keeps us safe from both fatalities and the Demogorgon, we’re on board.

2. Office Space


An oldie, but a goodie. This meme from Tim M. hilariously portrays “Office Space” character Bill Lumbergh’s apathetic speech in the 1999 film. But seriously, get off your phone while driving.

3. Knowledge is Power


Obviously, this Sloth “Knowledge is Power” meme had to make the cut. Lily K. submitted this meme after seeing a Zero Fatalities outreach presentation. If you’re interested in having a Zero Fatalities specialist talk to your class or business, reach out to us.

4. GPS Distractions


We’ve all heard the recent story of the Uber driver who blamed his GPS app for giving him directions down a flight of stairs — right? Devyn S.’s meme could not have been timelier, or more relevant. GPS systems can be distractions while you are behind the wheel and this meme is proof. Always drive focused.