After back-to-back wins by significant margins, Real Salt Lake is one of the hottest teams in Major League Soccer.

With a match against Minnesota United coming on Saturday, RSL's excellent home form will be tested as it matches up with a team on the verge of playoff elimination.

It comes as RSL turns its focus on a playoff position with just six matches remaining in the season, and a win would see RSL with its longest winning streak since 2013.

Here are three major storylines to help you prepare for what is expected to be a tense stand-off at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Recent results

Minnesota United is in particularly poor form right now. It's arguably the worst form it's had all season, with one draw and four losses in the last five matches.

With the playoffs approaching, it will be disappointed to have picked up just one point in its last five games. That's put the team more or less out of the running for a first playoff berth.

Real Salt Lake, on the other hand, is flying high. With a draw, a loss and three wins in its last five games, its recent form is nearly as good as it's been all year. A fourth consecutive win would provide the first four-game winning streak for the club since 2013.

It's certainly RSL's match to lose, with its home form being particularly good in 2018. With a 10-1-3 record, it's currently slightly behind New York City FC at 10-1-4 and New York Red Bulls at 11-2-1.

A record is nothing without results, though, and Real Salt Lake will need to put in a strong effort to defeat Minnesota.

The golden boot race: Kreilach vs. Rusnak

Real Salt Lake's leading goal scorer in 2018 will almost certainly be a midfielder. Damir Kreilach and Albert Rusnak are both sitting with 10 goals each, and their battle is certainly one of the defining parts of 2018.

Kreilach's rise to power is one of the top stories of 2018, too, as he joined from German side 1. FC Union Berlin in the preseason. The Croatian has been an anchoring figure for RSL, but he has also been an interesting figure in the attacking rotation.

Providing height and strength, Kreilach's midfield role has thrown MLS teams off-balance repeatedly. In part, this is because RSL coach Mike Petke has developed a system that encourages the team that is attacking freedom to do just that. It's also because of Kreilach's ability to read the game and to organize his teammates.

This is most evident when the team is pressing high up the field with opposition center backs holding the ball. When Kreilach is playing in an attacking role, he will direct his teammates in a high-pressure defense. This helps bring out value from the wide players on either side of him, with typically Joao Plata and Jefferson Savarino occupying those wide attacking positions.

Albert Rusnak has proved an interesting figure for RSL in 2018. When rumors surfaced that he was unhappy with his contract, it was easy to assume that he was on his way out, or that his productivity would decrease. By and large, that hasn't been the case, as he's already scored more in 2018 than in 2017.

Certainly, his assist numbers haven't been as strong as 2017, but those can likely be explained by the team's lack of a true goal-scoring forward. He has rarely gone more than a few games without a goal or assist, and with six matches remaining in 2018, he may yet find himself in a leading position for RSL.

He has come alive in Real Salt Lake's last three matches, scoring five goals and adding one assist to his tally.

For RSL to come away with a win over Minnesota United, it will need one of these two players to be at the top of their game once again. Both are in a tremendous run of form.

The rise of Jefferson Savarino

One of the true surprises of 2017 was Jefferson Savarino, who came in as an early season signing. He blew the public expectations of his signing out of the water, immediately proving a dangerous attacking option.

He's already equaled his goal-scoring exploits of 2017 with six, and he's doubled his assists count at 10. Though he started the season struggling, he has rounded into a nice patch since July. Eight of his 10 assists have come during that time, as have four of his six goals.

His primary asset isn't necessarily in goal-scoring, though he does have three game-winning-goals to his name. In recent weeks, he has proven himself as a player that can launch an attack, which has secured his spot in Petke's starting lineup for all but one match in 2018.

Though he's one of RSL's most dangerous players, opposing teams are faced with a bit of a conundrum. If a team turns its focus solely toward Rusnak exclusively, Kreilach and Savarino will have their run on things. The same goes for any of those three players, all of whom are in extremely good form. Teams likewise can't ignore Joao Plata, who has been in less excellent form but can explode on the scene at any time.

It's the four-pronged attack that has given RSL its most success, and it's likely to continue with it against Minnesota United.