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Watching a romantic movie makes for a great date night, but going to the theater can detract from the mood. The crowds, the sticky floors, the expensive snacks, they often make end up making you wish you had stayed home.

Lean into that idea next time because, whether you are looking for a cozy love story you can curl up to or a romcom you can laugh over, an at-home movie night can be both romantic and relaxing.

So grab some warm slippers and a soft blanket to snuggle with your special someone (or make it a solo night, so you can hog both the blanket and remote), and check out one of these romantic movies.

"The Vow"

Channing Tatum plays Leo, who is devastated when his wife Paige, played by Rachel McAdams, gets in a car accident that sends her into a coma. When she wakes, she's lost five years of memories, including everything she knew about her husband. Leo must win back the love of his wife in this movie that was inspired by a true story.

This film is the perfect example of love lost and gained, showing that true love will pull through, no matter the circumstances. You can catch the film streaming on iTunes.

"Kate and Leopold"

This charming tale is about a man who accidentally brings a duke from the 21st century into the present. Unfortunately — or perhaps, fortunately — the man’s ex-girlfriend is left to pick up the pieces.

The duke's old-fashioned sensibilities in a modern era make for a special kind of romance. This movie asks the question, can love be bound by time? It streams on Vudu.

"Confessions of a Shopaholic"

In this story, a woman with a shopping addiction takes a job writing a financial advice column to make ends meet. Comically, the reason for the job is that she is struggling to get out of debt. As she frantically tries to pull herself out of the hole, she must keep her personal life a secret from her attractive boss.

Whether you buy the DVD or stream online, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" offers laughs and life lessons, with a clever and surprising love story.

"An Affair to Remember"

This classic love story finds characters played by Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meeting on a ship and falling in love, despite both being engaged to other people. They promise each other that they will meet in six months on the Empire State Building. Tragically, an accident prevents the meeting, and their future becomes unclear.

This movie has been imitated countless times and is worth watching while holding onto a comfy blanket, as you agonizingly watch poor Cary Grant wait at the top of the Empire State Building to see if love is lost or conquers all. The movie streams on Amazon, through Prime Video.

"Dan in Real Life"

A widowed father of three falls for a woman who is perfect for him — smart and beautiful. As an advice columnist, he should know that nothing is perfect, though. In this case, the woman is his brother's girlfriend.

The movie offers laughs as well as tender moments and will make you wonder if you can really fall in love with someone in just three days. It's available for rent through Netflix company

"Pride and Prejudice"

This told and retold story brings together two people of different social classes, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Sparks fly between the spirited lady and rich gentleman, as they reluctantly fall in love. The movie questions whether characters can overcome their pride to be together.

The ultimate romance, who could resist this timeless love story? Plus, with multiple cinematic versions out there, you can choose exactly how long you want your romantic home movie night to last. Find a version of the film on Prime Video.

Snuggle up

Once you’ve chosen the perfect romantic movie, all you need to do is get comfortable. Grab some snacks, pull on your fave PJs and choose a luxurious blanket from Minky Couture to curl up in designer comfort.