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2018 Utah homicide victims

1. WEST VALLEY CITY, Jan. 16 — Jaycieion Sanchez, 21 months, of West Valley City, died from apparent child abuse. An autopsy found head trauma indicating the baby had been hit and shaken, bruising all over the baby's head, and injury to the baby's back. He was in the care of his mother's boyfriend, Isaiah Weaver, who was 17 at the time, at 4635 S. 2890 West, police say. Weaver is charged with aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Abuse

2. WEST VALLEY CITY, Jan. 17 — Irving Alexis Chuba, 15, and a small dog were killed while driving a minivan near 4100 South and Bangerter Highway by rival gang members in a vehicle chasing them, police say. Emanuel Angel Moreno-Vallejo and Robert Theron Danhauer, both 16 at the time, are charged as adults with murder. Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

3. SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 27 — Johnny Postlethwait, 54, of Salt Lake City, was stabbed in his bed in his home, 756 E. 1700 South. His stepson, Charles Anthony Petrie, 31, had just been released from jail the previous night. Petrie's brother told police that Petrie had gotten into an argument with Postlethwait. Petrie is charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty. Alleged motive: Domestic argument Method: Stabbing

4. WEST VALLEY CITY, Feb. 13 — Charles Baker, 49, of California, and a 17-year-old boy were both shot during a confrontation with Carlo Joseph Ayvacian Toledo, 39, of West Valley City, and a woman near 510 W. Parkway Blvd., police say. Baker died and the teen was paralyzed from the waist down. Toledo allegedly told police his stepson had an "interaction" with their neighbors and he and the woman went to the apartment armed to "discuss what happened." Toledo, who police say shot himself in the leg and was also shot in the chest during a struggle for the weapon, is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Shooting

5. CLINTON, Feb. 13 — Deven Tomas Gallegos, 21, of North Ogden, was shot and killed in front of a house at 1168 N. 1000 West where another shooting had been investigated six months earlier. A man and his daughter drove separately to the house to return property that had allegedly been stolen from the homeowner when someone started shooting toward him and his daughter, who was parked across the street, police say. Gallegos was a passenger in the daughter's car and was struck as the vehicles fled. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

6. SOUTH SALT LAKE, Feb. 14 — Alan Hernandez Lopez, 16, of South Salt Lake, died two days after being shot while walking home moments after leaving his school at 3134 S. 300 East by an alleged rival gang member. The rival gang member allegedly said that they traded gang-related threats and insults leading up to the shooting. Police say it only took 1 minute and 17 seconds for the random confrontation between two people who had never met each other to end in a murder. Joshua Jaeshawn Park, 20, has pleaded not guilty to murder. Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

7. SOUTH SALT LAKE, March 3 — Patrick Andrews, 24, of South Salt Lake, died after being shot multiple times during an argument at a party at 3767 S. 700 West. Isaiah Marquez Aligo Lucas, 20, of West Valley City, is charged with aggravated murder. Witnesses say Andrews was targeted for wearing the wrong colors to the party. Another man, 25, was also shot but survived. Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

8. SANDY, March 13 — Bryan Keith Liles, 31, of Spanish Fork, was shot and killed by the local head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Brian Embley. Liles had been attempting to drive away from ATF agents even as an agent was hanging out of the car window. The incident happened near the parking lot of a Sandy TRAX station near 180 E. 8960 South. Embley was later found legally justified in the shooting. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

9. SOUTH SALT LAKE, March 19 — Richard Phelps, 65, of South Salt Lake, was stabbed to death after a fight with his son in their apartment, 2757 S. 300 East. The son said he argued with his father through a locked door, then got a knife, kicked open the door and stabbed his father "several times," charges state. Police say the two were reportedly arguing over a TV. Warren Richard Phelps, 39, is charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Stabbing

10. PROVO, March 21 — Nevaeh King, 4 months, of Provo, died after being on life support for 36 hours. An autopsy revealed brain, head and spinal trauma, including "blunt trauma to the left, right, top and back of head," according to charges, as well as "evidence of severe dehydration and malnutrition." The mother's boyfriend, Cameron Chad Willingham, 24, is charged with aggravated murder and has pleaded not guilty. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Abuse

11. MURRAY, March 29 — Police found Brad Gukeisen, 59, of Murray, dead from gunshot wounds in his apartment at 4263 Jummer Way. He had lived there less than a month. Later that evening, investigators found David Cunningham, 70, dead from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wounds in his apartment just below Gukeisen's. Police said the two had a dispute that resulted in Cunningham going upstairs to shoot his neighbor. Motive: Fight Method: Shooting

12. WEST VALLEY CITY, April 8 — Elijah James Smith, 20, of South Salt Lake, was shot and killed by a West Valley police officer after breaking into a house, 3551 S. Jenelles Bay, that had three children inside. Police had been chasing Smith for a theft at a nearby phone store when Smith ran into the house at random. Police videos show Smith refusing to remove his hand from his pocket despite repeated commands and then pulling his right hand up in a quick motion. The officer who shot him, Nicholaus Green, was cleared in the shooting. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

13. RANDLETT, Uintah County, April 13 — William "Bill" Russell Love, 67, of Randlett, died after he was hit in the head with a shovel during a confrontation with another Randlett resident at 16177 E. 4500 South. Andy Phillips Cabututan, 47, is charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Beating

14. BLUFF, April 14 — Antonio Montowine, 31, of the Navajo Nation Reservation, was shot and killed on the side of a county road, approximately 2 miles from U.S. 191 south of Bluff, on the reservation. According to court documents, Montowine, his wife and son were looking for a lost pet on their family's property when they saw a man in a truck. People had been dumping trash on the property and an argument ensued when Montowine confronted the man. Perry Maryboy fired a shot into the air with a handgun and then shot Montowine in the back of the head as he tried to get back into his van, according to court documents. Maryboy is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

15. TREMONTON, Box Elder County, April 16 — Michael K. Hogenson, 33, of Tremonton, was shot and killed near 3625 W. 1000 North allegedly by a man who said Hogenson threatened him and his family. Brandon Keith Thompson, 31, said he fired warning shots, but Hogenson charged, so he shot him, a police affidavit says. Police say Thompson called 911 about two hours later and "took significant steps" to hide and destroy evidence. Thompson has pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

16. MAGNA, April 17 — Police received a report of a man threatening to kill a hostage, which investigators later determined was made by Lonnie Marcel Bowen, 41, of Salt Lake City. Officers searching for the source of the call found a truck with Bowen and a woman inside. He led police on a chase that ended near 2700 South and 8400 West. As Unified police officer Trever McLelland and a West Valley officer approached the vehicle, they yelled at Bowen to "Let her go!" When Bowen did not follow orders, McLelland fired five rounds from his rifle, killing Bowen, according to a district attorney report. McLelland was cleared in the shooting. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

17. SALT LAKE CITY, April 18 — Delorean Pikyavit, 32, of Salt Lake City, died after being shot by Salt Lake police who were responding to a report of domestic violence and a possible hostage situation at 1132 E. Princeton Ave. (1155 South). Police video shows officers shooting and killing a suicidal man following repeated commands to put his weapons down and to sit down. The use of deadly force is still being reviewed by the district attorney's office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

18. ROOSEVELT, April 22 — Sherry Melo, 51, of Roosevelt, died three weeks after police say she and her husband were beaten with a baseball bat and other items by five people at 2725 W. 2500 South in the Vonsville area near Roosevelt. After the attack, Melo said "somebody had broken their front door and beat them up." Thomas Neil Tuinman, 35; Michael Wallace Tuinman, 30; Samantha Tuinman, 31; Stephanie Ann Tuinman, 33; and Kristy Lee Whitchurch, 37, are each charged with murder. Byron Rashad Thompson, 30, is charged with conspiracy murder. Four of the six belong to the same family. Motive: Unknown Method: Beating

19. BOUNTIFUL, May 4 — Kleydys Arbolaez-Hernandez, 40, of Denver, and Alexyanis Cutino Jimenez, 30, were attempting to rob Bountiful Pawn, 135 S. 500 West, ordering the store clerk at gunpoint to lie on the ground, police say. The clerk made a break for the storage area and got his concealed weapon. Arbolaez-Hernandez chased after the clerk and pointed his gun at him. The clerk then fired at Arbolaez-Hernandez, who died from his injuries after a brief struggle on the floor with the clerk. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

20. SALT LAKE CITY, May 7 — Baleigh Bagshaw, 15, of Salt Lake City, was brutally attacked and killed inside her house at 1624 W. 500 North just after she arrived home from West High School. She was speaking on the phone with her mom when a man began assaulting her. Shaun French, 25, who used to live in the same house as Baleigh and her family and had a sexual relationship with her, is charged with aggravated murder. After the incident, French called family members to say "he cut a girl's throat," charges state. Police say he was obsessed with Baleigh. Alleged motive: Domestic Method: Beating, stabbing

21. WEST JORDAN, May 28 — Michael Glad, 23, of Midvale, was shot and killed by police after Glad, who appeared to be armed, robbed a 7-Eleven at gunpoint, stole a police vehicle and rammed two other vehicles. Before the shooting, video shows an officer spotting Glad on the sidewalk of 6200 South near 4000 West and telling him to put down the gun, which turned out to be a black pellet gun, before calling for backup. West Jordan police officers Josh Whitehead and Tyrell Shepherd, who both fired at Glad, were cleared. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

22. COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, May 31 — Zane Anthony James, 19, of Cottonwood Heights, died two days after being shot by Cottonwood Heights police officer Casey Davies. Police believe James robbed a Smith's Food and Drug at gunpoint and then a Macey's store just as it opened. About 10 minutes after the Macey's robbery, Davies, who was headed to work, spotted the motorcycle driven by James. A short pursuit ended in the front yard of a home at 2209 E. 6675 South, where Davies shot James. A gun, which was later determined to be a pellet gun, was found in James' pocket. Davies was cleared in the shooting. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

23. WEST JORDAN, June 8 — Makayla Yeaman, 23, of Sandy, was shot and killed after breaking into a home at 6845 W. 7605 South by using a garage door opener in a truck to get inside. She was shot by the homeowner, police say. Three other people had been sleeping inside the home. After the shooting, officers discovered a knife near Yeaman's body. Prosecutors concluded that the shooting was legally justified. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

24. RANDLETT, Uintah County, June 8 — Julio Rodriguez, 24, died one day after he was shot outside a home near Randlett on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation. Brandon Redfoot, 22, is charged with second-degree murder while within Indian country. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

25. CEDAR CITY, June 12 — Police say Christopher Stewart, 2, was killed by his mother's boyfriend. When he was taken to a hospital, his body "was covered with numerous bruises on his forehead, eyes, ears, mouth and several circular bruises on the chest and abdomen," charges state. "The medical examiner concluded that (the boy) died of blunt force injuries to the abdomen." Gavin Michael Haar, 26, is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Domestic Method: Beating

26. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 12 — Sherral Northrup, 80, of West Valley City, died after an argument with his grandson turned physical at 3036 W. 2960 South. Jason Northrup, 35, had been living with his grandfather and the two had been arguing for a week when Jason Northrup placed his hands on his grandfather's shoulders and "violently" shoved him to the ground, charges state. An autopsy found the grandfather had skull fractures and brain hemorrhages. Originally charged with manslaughter, Jason Northrup pleaded guilty to criminal homicide by assault and was sentenced to three years of probation. Motive: Domestic Method: Assault

27. OGDEN, June 13 — Denero Lamar Snider, 23, of Ogden, died after being shot in the 600 block of 23rd Street. Keshaun Mykel Puente, 21, was charged in November with murder. Police say Puente and Snider got into an argument in a parking lot before Puente walked away and got into a car while Snider followed him. Puente pulled a gun from his waistband and fired several shots "at almost point-blank range," charges state, then drove off. A $100,000 warrant has been for his arrest. Motive: Unknown argument Method: Shooting

28. ST. GEORGE, June 13 — The decomposed body of Elizabeth Carter, 33, of St. George, was found covered with blankets in the bathtub of an apartment near 500 North and Bluff Street. An autopsy found 16 puncture wounds in her neck. Witnesses said they saw Carter and Kevin Ray Mcatlin, 29, leave a gathering in Toquerville together about two weeks before Carter's body was found, and another man told police he saw Mcatlin in Carter's home the day after the gathering. Mcatlin is charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing

29, 30. SOUTH SALT LAKE, June 17 — Abe Martinez, 44, walked away from a halfway house and entered the home of his grandmother, Rose Martinez, 89, and her husband, 451 E. Stanley Ave. (3180 South). Abe Martinez told other family members that he was holding the couple hostage. When officers arrived, a shot was fired inside the home. As SWAT team members were gathering, Martinez grew increasingly agitated and told family members on the phone that he was going to kill the couple. Three officers shot through a window and killed Abe Martinez. Rose Martinez was found dead inside. Police say her grandson shot her. The police shooting is under review by the district attorney's office. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic; defense Method: Shootings

31. SALT LAKE CITY, June 20 — Thomas Ray Stanfield, 54, who had been living in a downtown homeless shelter, was in front of the Workforce Services building about 5:30 a.m. when a security guard confronted him and the two allegedly got into a fight on 300 South near 150 East. Prosecutors say after the fight was over and Stanfield was walking away, security guard Timothy Richard Lutes stood up, "appears to take aim at Mr. Stanfield's back," and fired three times. Lutes, 27, is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

32. ST. GEORGE, June 23 — Luwing Leonardo Lopez, 23, who was from Honduras but in Utah for work, and his friend, Victor Manuel Hernandez, 22, got into an argument and Hernandez stabbed Lopez multiple times at a home in the 2000 block of 1575 North, according to police. Police testified that Hernandez said the two had been taking drugs when spirits informed him that Lopez intended to sacrifice his newborn son to the devil, the Spectrum reported. Hernandez then allegedly stabbed Lopez and held him in a chokehold until he stopped breathing. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder. Alleged motive: Fight, drugs Method: Stabbing

33, 34. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 26 — Chasidy Gerber, 37, and Martin Barron, 33, were outside the trailer they'd been living in at 1431 W. 3350 South when a man who lived in a house on the same property went outside naked, then shot and killed them with an AR-15 without saying anything, police say. Kennedy Grant Lund, 23, is charged with two counts of aggravated murder. Investigators say Lund did not have an argument or any ongoing dispute with the two victims. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

35. NORTH SALT LAKE, July 5 — Reed Christensen, 67, of North Salt Lake, was found inside his home at 215 E. Vista Way, with a gunshot wound to his head. Investigators believe Christensen was targeted by somebody and the killing was not random. His wife told police she and her husband got into an argument in Murray the night before and he stopped the vehicle and she got out, a warrant states. She said she stayed at her son's home, then returned home by Uber the next day by to discover her husband dead. The couple's car was found abandoned and ransacked a couple of days later. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

36. PLEASANT GROVE, July 6 — George Peterson, 52, of Pleasant Grove, was shot after an altercation that began when police say he knocked on his brother's door at 1373 W. 3040 North wielding a hammer in each hand. There was "a history" between the brothers, police say, and George Peterson was trespassing. A family member "engaged him at the doorway and a short altercation ensued" before George Peterson's nephew, Kolby Peterson, 28, stepped in the doorway and shot George Peterson once in the chest. Prosecutors concluded that the shooting was legally justified. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

37. OGDEN, July 16 — David Marvin Paulson, 74, of Ogden, was found dead in an alley at 2610 Monroe Blvd. Police say Jose Robert Zamora, 23, claimed that Paulson had been following his daughter and that he had seen him peeking in her bedroom window. Zamora said he saw Paulson sitting on the porch of his apartment and "his rage built, and he called out to Paulson asking what he was looking at and then proceeded to charge at him," police say. As Paulson attempted to retreat into his apartment, Zamora allegedly hit him with a stick from behind, multiple times. Zamora is charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty. Motive: Unknown Method: Beating

38. TAYLORSVILLE, July 19 — Jawnie Lynn Wey, 48, of Taylorsville, died nine days after being shot in the head when bullets were fired through a window of a home at 4929 S. 1950 West. She had been sitting on a couch next to her 13-year-old daughter. Koak Pal Biel, who was 16 at the time, of Kearns, and Euziel De La Torre, 20, of West Jordan, are charged with murder. Detectives learned that Wey's nephew had been in a feud with De La Torre and another man over the alleged theft of a French bulldog and threats were made, according to court documents. A French bulldog was found in the nephew's backyard, the same residence where Wey was shot. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Shooting

39. OGDEN, July 20 — Alex Hidalgo Jr., who was 10 months old, of Ogden, was found by his mother in a trash bag inside a trash can covered in blood in a home at 2434 Madison Ave. Detectives said Alex had three stab wounds to the neck. While the mother was looking for the 10-month-old, the boy's father, who had been watching the child while the mother ran errands, told her the baby had "666 on him" and was dead, a police affidavit states. The father, Alex Hidalgo, 37, of West Valley City, is charged with aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing

40. SOUTH SALT LAKE, Aug. 4 — Daniel Davis, 38, of Salt Lake City, died after a fight in the Salt Lake County Jail. Investigators say he and inmate Kitiona Lolani Jr., 23, of West Valley City, exchanged words, then Lolani threw 22 punches in a one-sided fight while Davis was on the ground and did not fight back. "He messed with the wrong person," Lolani allegedly said, according to charges. Lolani is charged with aggravated murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Beating

41. NEOLA, Duchesne County, Aug. 5 — Police say Lucas Call, 2, died of blunt force trauma after his foster mother, Lisa Jo Vanderlinden, 41, of Neola, became "mad and frustrated" when the boy displayed behavioral problems at dinner, police say. At one point, other family members heard a "loud bang" coming from the bathroom where Vanderlinden was taking care of the boy. "Thereafter, (Lucas) wasn't acting normal and wouldn't walk," charges state. Vanderlinden, a nurse, is charged with aggravated murder. Alleged motive: Anger, domestic Method: Beating

42. SOUTH OGDEN, Aug. 6 — After the body of Shiela Jean Dunn, 54, of South Ogden, was found near the intersection of 3700 South and Washington Boulevard, her roommate, Jesus Martinez Ramos, 45, told investigators he stabbed the woman several times and carried her body to the street, according to police. Ramos is charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty. In 2017, Ramos stabbed two of his roommates in Salt Lake City so he could "join his brother in prison," charges state. He was found not competent to stand trial and the charges were dropped. Alleged motive: Domestic, possible mental illness Method: Stabbing

43. WEST VALLEY CITY, Aug. 9 — West Valley code enforcement officer Jill Robinson, 52, of Salt Lake City, was shot when she went to a home at 4102 W. Wendy Ave. on a follow-up investigation. The homeowner, Kevin Wayne Billings, is accused of killing her, setting her vehicle on fire as well as setting fire to a neighbors' home, killing several animals inside. Billings, 65, is charged with aggravated murder. He allegedly stood in the driveway afterward and said Robinson "got what she deserved." Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Shooting

44. BOUNTIFUL, Aug. 11 — The decomposed body of Rand Hatch, 50, of Bountiful, was found by a family member at his home, 1433 E. Lakeview Drive, after he had not been seen for 10 days. His vehicle was missing and was later found abandoned in Sunset. Taniela Siale Lopiseni Salakielu, 22, of Henderson, Nevada, was arrested for investigation of murder but he hasn't been charged in Hatch's death. A December police affidavit does, however, identify him as "a main suspect in a homicide case." Police say he told them he had been in a verbal fight with Hatch and admitted to having his car. Another witness told police that Salakielu had assaulted Hatch. An autopsy determined the cause of death to be trauma. Hatch suffered a broken jaw and skull fractures, police say. Motive: Unknown Method: Beating

45. OGDEN, Aug. 16 — Brian Racine, 28, was staying at a homeless camp in Ogden near 500 West and 21st Street when he was found dead from a gunshot wound. He had moved to Ogden from California about a month before, police say. Dalton James Aiken, 28, and Cory Michael Fitzwater, 35, have both pleaded not guilty to murder charges. Aiken allegedly told police the two went to the homeless camp to "find and harass homeless people." Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

46. MILLCREEK, Aug. 22 — Valerie Brantzeg, 50, of Millcreek, and her 13-year-old daughter were brutally beaten with a crowbar when police say her estranged husband, Walter Brantzeg, 54, kicked open the door to her home near 850 W. 3900 South. Valerie Brantzeg died of her injuries — 28 blunt force injuries. He "went back and forth" between attacking his wife and his daughter while telling his daughter, "If you want to be with your mom so bad, be with her," charges state. Walter Brantzeg is charged with aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder. Alleged motive: Domestic Method: Beating

47. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 27 — Friends say Marcelino "Marci" Johnson, 16, of Salt Lake City, was walking with two girls and another boy on 1300 South between Main and State streets when an argument started between the teens and two men. Friends of Marcelino said he was trying to defend the girls from the two men. The argument continued down the street to 1530 South and State Street where Marcelino was stabbed in the torso. Enrique "Ramon" Deloza, 28, and Nicolas "Chucky" Nazario Espana, 28, are charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Stabbing

48. WEST JORDAN, Sept. 13 — Noe Armijo-Luna, 20, of Midvale, was eating in Rancheritos, 7849 S. Redwood, when Jonathan Hunt, 18, walked in with Jayden Marshall Olsen, 22, who had an ongoing dispute with Armijo-Luna over a girl, police say. Hunt shouted at Armijo-Luna and punched him in the head, and when Armijo-Luna stood up, "the shooter pointed a gun at the victim and fired two shots," charges state. Hunt is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight, jealousy Method: Shooting

49. LOGAN, Sept. 14 — The body of Merrilee Cox-Lafferty, 37, of Santa Barbara, California, was found Sept. 14 in a shallow grave in Left Hand Fork Canyon. She had driven to Utah on Aug. 17 from California with her daughter to deliver drugs to Stacy Robert Willis, police say. She was last seen on Aug. 18. Willis, 41, of Hyrum, is charged with aggravated murder in her death, though police say they are unsure why he allegedly turned on Cox-Lafferty because the two had known each other for years. The daughter said the two had been arguing on Aug. 18. Alleged motive: Drugs, fight Method: Beating

50. SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 15 — A late-night fight between two groups of people started at the Wasted Space bar, 342 S. State, and continued to the lower level of a parking structure at 55 E. Exchange Place. In the parking garage, someone pulled out a gun and fired several shots, police say. David Lawrence Burwell, 25, of Salt Lake City, was hit and killed. Police have interviewed Francis Lee Ragsdale, 30, of Salt Lake City, whom they call a person of interest, but because none of the witnesses have been cooperating with investigators, police have not made any arrests. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

51. SOUTH JORDAN, Sept. 22 — James Allen Wright, 88, of South Jordan, a resident at Pheasant Run Alzheimer's Special Care Center, 2664 W. 11400 South, died after he was attacked by another resident at the care center. The other resident allegedly shoved Wright, "causing him to fall backward and hit his head on the wall and ground," court documents state. James Foster, 69, then got on top of Wright and punched him repeatedly, police say. Wright fell into a coma and died when he was taken off life support a few days later. Foster died in October. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault

52. MONTE CRISTO, Rich County, Sept. 23 — The Kempke family, of North Ogden, was out for a ride to take photos of the changing fall colors on a Sunday afternoon when a stray bullet from a nearby target shooter went through the window of their vehicle and struck Zackary Kempke, 14. Another family had been target shooting several hundred feet away and did not know there was a road through the trees behind their target, officials said. Kayleen Richins, 40, pleaded guilty to negligent homicide. Motive: Accident Method: Shooting

53. WEST VALLEY CITY, Sept. 26 — Three acquaintances were driving in a car near 3030 W. 3500 South when Manuel Garcia Jr., 26, of Provo, and Robert Anthony DeHerrera, 24, of Salt Lake City, got into a fight after taking drugs, police say. DeHerrera then "racked a gun" and threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, who was also in the car, over their breakup, charges state. Garcia hit DeHerrera with a bottle and DeHerrera is accused of shooting Garcia in the abdomen. DeHerrera is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

54. LAYTON, Sept. 27 — Police believe two men wearing "costume masks," black clothing and gloves entered a trailer at 2500 N. Lane at Lakeview Estates and fired numerous rounds at Anthony Child, 26, of Salt Lake City. He died in a hospital in Preston, Idaho, after requesting to be driven there instead of a closer hospital. Police believe he made that request to try and conceal a drug operation inside the trailer where the shooting occurred. Angel Christopher Abreu, 22, is charged with aggravated murder. Brandon Martin Hinojosa, 16, and Kevin Wesner Content, 25, are both charged with murder. Alleged motive: Robbery, drugs Method: Shooting

55. SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 28 — Wanyun Judd, 47, of Salt Lake City, was struck multiple times by gunfire in a drive-by shooting at a Salt Lake home, 54 E. Harrison Ave. Police believe the home was incorrectly targeted by the shooter or shooters. No arrests have been made, and the case is considered open and active. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

56. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 6 — Raul Castillo Rivera, 18, of Murray, was shot near 650 N. Darwin Street by the state Capitol about 12:30 a.m. After the shooting, police said he was "dropped at the curb" of a Bountiful hospital, where he died shortly after. No arrests have been made, and the case is considered open and active. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

57. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 8 — Elizabeth Silver, 30, was in a room at the Main Street Motel, 1530 S. Main, with Minh Dong Trinh, 41, of West Valley City, and another man when Trinh allegedly began making advances on her and started wrestling with her. The other man then saw Trinh had "one arm on top of Ms. Silver's head and the other arm around her neck," according to court documents. An autopsy determined that Silver died from asphyxiation "due to a physical altercation and neck compression." Trinh is charged with murder and aggravated sexual assault. Alleged motive: Sexual assault Method: Strangulation

58. EUREKA, Juab County, Oct. 10 — The nude body of Jan Pearson-Jenkins, 64, was found on a sagebrush hillside about a mile from where she and her boyfriend, Cody Young, 42, are believed to have gone camping in the Silver City area. Jenkins' brother told police Young had sent him text messages on Oct. 5 saying the two had been in an argument and that he left Jenkins stranded in the Silver City/Eureka area. Young was arrested for investigation of murder and charged with misdemeanor drug and weapons charges. As for whether Young could later be charged in Jenkins' death, court documents indicate the charge "is highly fact sensitive and dependent upon the evidence from the medical examiner and the warrant searches of electronic devices." Motive: Unknown Method: Unknown

59. WEST JORDAN, Oct. 11 — When police were called on a domestic situation at a home off Cherry Leaf Drive near 7000 South involving a man and woman who had been in a relationship, they found Diamonte Riviore, 22, wielding a knife. Police were unable to subdue him with a Taser and one officer fatally shot him. Riviore had been arrested a week earlier after hitting his girlfriend and baby with a lamp, then threatening to stab the woman with a knife. The shooting is under review by the district attorney's office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

60. OREM, Oct. 12 — Orem High student Jacob E. Albrethsen, 17, was shot and killed by officers after police say he came at them with a knife. Two police officers had originally been called to 81 N. Paradise Drive on a "family problem." An officer tried to use a Taser to subdue the teenager but it didn't work, police say. Both officers then fired "several shots," striking the boy, according to police. The shooting is under review by the Utah County Attorney's Office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

61. OREM, Oct. 15 — Marcos Vasquez Rosales, 49, of Orem, was in a neighbor's unattached garage at 364 N. 800 West when he was confronted by the homeowner, Jonathan Bohannon, who had heard a noise and went to get his handgun before investigating. As Rosales exited the garage, he held up a bicycle pump, which the homeowner said he believed was an ax, police say. Bohannon fired several shots, killing Rosales, who lived in the neighborhood. Bohannon was not charged. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

62. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 18 — Andrey Tkachenko, 23, of Salt Lake City, was wanted in connection with several recent felony crimes when members of the Metro Gang Unit spotted him, followed his car and a second vehicle until they could find the right place to attempt to make an arrest, police say. The two vehicles pulled into an ally near 455 E. 300 South. A confrontation took place there between officers and Tkachenko. The officers were outside their vehicles when something prompted two officers to shoot Tkachenko, killing him. The shooting is under review by the district attorney's office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

63. KEARNS, Oct. 20 — James Lyle Kuehn, 61, of Kearns, died at a local hospital a few days after being shot by police after Kuehn allegedly tried to rob a Mexican restaurant at knifepoint. Kuehn demanded cash, but was chased out of the restaurant by a worker who grabbed a bigger knife from the kitchen, police say. Witnesses followed Kuehn to a home at 4450 W. 5700 South and told arriving officers about the incident. Officers who confronted Kuehn in the yard said he did not comply with their orders and did not drop the knife. When a Taser did not subdue him, police shot Kuehn. The shooting is under review by the district attorney's office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

64. RIVERTON, Oct. 22 — Police say Jason Robert Whittle, 26, of Riverton was holding a knife to his mother's throat during a domestic violence incident at a home, 11779 S. Stone Ridge Court (1400 West), when he was shot and killed by Unified police. Whittle's father says the weapon was a butter knife and his son would never have hurt his mother. He said his son went to his mother's house seeking help for a substance abuse problem and she called police at her son's request, hoping he could go back to jail to receive treatment. The shooting is under review by the district attorney's office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

65. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 22 — Lauren McCluskey, 21, of Pullman, Washington, a senior at the University of Utah and track star, died when she was gunned down by a bitter ex-boyfriend in front of her dorm building. Just weeks before the shooting she had broken up with Melvin Shawn Rowland, 37, after she learned he had lied about his age, name, and was a convicted sex offender. After the breakup, he began sending her harassing messages and searching for her on campus, police say. Officers found Rowland hours after the shooting and pursued him on foot until he ran into a church building and fatally shot himself. Motive: Domestic Method: Shooting

66. MOAB, Oct. 28 — When officers responded to a report of a fight at a mobile home at 250 Walnut Lane, they found Edgar Luna Najera, 30, of Moab, dead of two gunshot wounds. Omar Guerro, 30, who also goes by Martin Armento Verduzco Lopez and Irving Martin Armento, is charged with murder and was arrested following a 100-mile police chase. Police say he shot Najera's torso, then moved closer and shot him in the head. Jaime Flores-Solis and Jorge Hernandez are charged with helping Guerro flee. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

67. VERNAL, Nov. 3 — Cal Dee Reynolds, 84, of Vernal, died almost two months after he was stabbed during a home invasion at his home, 230 W. 200 North, on Sept. 13. Two other family members were also injured. Vernal police said in November the suspect had been incarcerated on unrelated charges, but they did not identify him. No charges have been filed in Reynolds' death. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing

68. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 7 — Candace Rose Samples, 20, who was homeless, and a man were both stabbed by another man after an argument in the area of 477 North and 300 West. Samples died of her injuries. Police said the argument was over a piece of property. Police identified Kidus Chane Yohannes, 31, as a "person of interest," but Yohannes was not arrested and no charges have been filed. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing

69. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 9 — Cody Paris Belgard, 30, a rap artist in the Glendale area, had allegedly fled from police a week earlier when they saw him at 800 N. Sir Michael Drive (1955 West) and tried to talk to him. He got into his vehicle and allegedly rammed three vehicles, including a police car, before his vehicle was again spotted at 800 N. Sir Philip Drive. Police said Belgard was again "noncompliant" before an officer fatally shot him. Video footage shows Belgard refusing to put his hands up or get on the ground. The shooting is under review by the district attorney's office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

70. OGDEN, Nov. 9 — After witnesses reported to police that a man was acting suspiciously and threatening shoppers at a Walmart, police approached Christopher William Parrish, 33, of Arizona, who led them on a chase. After entering a yard in the south side of west 21st Street, Parrish came at officers in a violent, threatening manner with a large rock, prompting police to shoot him, investigators said. Parrish was a paroled fugitive with a significant felony record in Oregon and Arizona, including violent crimes and lengthy prison stays, police say. The shooting is under review by the Weber County Attorney's Office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

71, 72. SOUTH SALT LAKE, Nov. 24 — Two South Salt Lake police officers responded to a burglary in progress at 3575 S. West Temple when "there was a confrontation between the suspects and the officers," police say. A vehicle with two suspects inside accelerated and struck officer David Romrell, 31, prompting at least one of the officers to shoot at the vehicle, killing the driver, Felix Anthony Calata, 32, of West Valley City. Romrell died in a hospital later that night. The passenger in the vehicle, Jeffrey Black, 43, is charged with murder. The shooting is under review by the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office. Motive: Unknown; defense Method: Vehicle; shooting

73. CLINTON, Nov. 25 — A man described as "distraught" and "suicidal" was shot during a confrontation with police in the parking lot of the Clinton Police Department. After Allen Scott Culpepper, 64, of Clinton, called 911 from the parking lot, officers ran outside and discovered that he "had multiple firearms within his reach." After police attempted to negotiate for three hours, both Culpepper and a Syracuse police officer both fired their guns. Culpepper was fatally shot. The officer who fired the shots is a 15-year veteran. The shooting is under review by the Davis County Critical Incident Investigative Protocol team and the Davis County Attorney's Office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

74. MIDVALE, Nov. 25 — Lisa Vilate Williams, 26, of American Fork, was decorating a Christmas tree in an apartment near 7690 S. Center Square with her boyfriend's 3-year-old twin sons when police say his ex-wife, Chelsea Watrous Cook, 32, of Herriman, went to the home under the pretext of delivering medicine. While the ex-husband was outside in the parking lot looking for her, Cook went into the apartment and refused to leave. After the ex-husband returned, she fired three to five rounds at Williams in front of the children, according to police. Cook, who was working as a Skyridge High School teacher, is charged with aggravated murder. Family members say Cook had been harassing Williams for months. Alleged motive: Jealousy, domestic Method: Shooting

75. OGDEN, Nov. 30 — After a woman flagged down police and told them she'd been kidnapped, an officer found the alleged kidnapper, Richard Galvan, 37, on the sidewalk near 2500 Washington Blvd., near the city's popular Christmas Village. When Galvan saw one officer, he began shooting at him from just a few feet away, police say. Another officer pulled up and both officers shot at Galvan, who died from his injuries. No one else was injured. Police said Galvan, a known member of a national gang with an extensive criminal history, had kidnapped the woman he met on social media after she told him to stay away from her. The shooting is under review by the Weber County Attorney's Office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

76. OGDEN, Dec. 4 — Police were searching for Anthony Ray Borden-Cortez, 18, of Ogden, in connection with recent armed robberies. They found a stolen vehicle he was driving at an apartment near the 300 block of 7th Street and deployed a tire-flattening device on the vehicle before Borden-Cortez fled in the disabled car and police pursued him to 12th Street and Depot Drive. Borden-Cortez hit two drivers' cars and a police car before stopping. When detectives approached his vehicle and asked him to get out, he pointed a gun at one of them, prompting the detective to fire several shots, police say. The gun he pointed at the detective was later found to be a BB gun. The shooting is under review by the Weber County Attorney's Office. Alleged motive: Defense Method: Shooting

77. ST. GEORGE, Dec. 29 — Spencer Maluafiti Tafua, 34, of St. George, was gunned down in front of the One and Only Bar, 64 N. 800 East. Bronson Joseph Flynn, 26, of Ivins, is charged with murder. Flynn was found sitting in his car in the bar’s parking lot with an assault rifle on the passenger seat, police say. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

78. FORT DUCHESNE, Uintah County, Dec. 29 — Tony Wymer, 55, was shot and killed on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation. A 36-year old man, a member of the Ute Indian Tribe, was in tribal custody. A cousin of Wymer says he was shot twice in the chest following some kind of road rage incident. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting