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A goat was just sworn in as mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont. Here's why

SALT LAKE CITY — A 3-year-old Nubian goat named Lincoln was sworn into office as the first honorary pet mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont, Tuesday, and he immediately made his feelings known by defecating on the floor, according to NBC News.

What happened: Fair Haven residents recently held an election for the one-year position of honorary mayor. The town has 2,500 residents and does not have an actual mayor.

The ballot, which was open to all residents, had 16 pets listed as candidates, including dogs and cats, a gerbil named Crystal, and Lincoln, according to The Associated Press.

Lincoln beat out a dog named Sammie with 13 votes to 10.

The swearing in: Lincoln was wearing a sash reading “Mayor” when he was sworn in Tuesday at the Fair Haven town offices, according to NBC.

Town Clerk Suzanne Dechame and other board members were present to deliver the oath of office to the goat.

Soon after being sworn in, Lincoln defecated on the floor, leaving the cleanup to attendees.

Mayoral responsibilities: As the honorary mayor of Fair Haven, Lincoln is expected to march in the Memorial Day parade and attend other town events while wearing a custom-made sash, according to the AP.

Why: Joseph Gunter, Fair Haven’s town manager, said he heard of a similar small town in Michigan electing a pet mayor and considered it a great way to raise money for a local playground, as there was a $5 entry fee to participate.

Though the town only raised $100, Gunter said the election of Lincoln has had other benefits. “It was a great way to introduce the elementary school kids to local government,” he said.