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Disneyland hotels already full for 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge'

SALT LAKE CITY — Disneyland is booked.

Every single Disney property at the Disneyland Resort has been booked for the night of May 30, which is the day before “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” opens to the public, Polygon reports.

Bigger picture: Disney understands the hype behind the new “Star Wars” land. That’s why visitors will have to purchase tickets for Disneyland from May 31 to June 23 to visit the park, and they’ll have to make reservations at “Galaxy’s Edge.”

  • “While Disney has yet to release the information on how to make those reservations, they have said that each registered guest staying at the Disneyland resorts will receive one reservation,” according to Polygon.

Dates: Disney announced that the opening date for “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” will come in two phases. The first phase will see the opening of the Millennium Falcon ride, while the other opening, for the Smuggler’s Run ride, is slated for later this year.

Yes, but: This isn’t exactly bad news. Roger Niles of The Orange County Register opined that Disney isn’t making a mistake by opening “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” in two phases. Rather, it allows the company to monitor what works and what doesn’t inside the park and offer better crowd control.

  • “By opening an incomplete land, Disneyland might entice some fans … to postpone their visits until Rise of the Resistance opens, making the park’s crowds more manageable for the new land’s first few weeks … or months,” he wrote.
  • “Remember that Disney’s goal is to fill its parks every day, but not to overfill them. The last thing it wants to do is to turn away paying customers.”