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4 warm weather styles that are still modest


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Do you want to limit how much skin you expose in the summer, but feel like the lack of choice has got you stuck in a style rut? Choosing to cover up doesn’t have to cramp your style, and will keep your skin protected all season long.

The fact is, in the hottest regions of the world, from the Sahara to the lush valleys of China, most people don’t expose much skin when, as it increases the risk of sunburn and actually raises body temperature. So, this explains why we don’t see Lawrence of Arabia in mini shorts!

The latest modest warm-weather styles come in a variety of cool, breathable fabric blends and styles that will help you maintain your complexions and mystique.

These four 2019 picks will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

Silk wraps and scarves

The name itself should give you visions of lounging in the sun, covered in deliciously soft fabric. From bright and floral-patterned to elegant white, having a few silk or loose-weave synthetic wraps will expand your wardrobe.

European women have enjoyed this clothing item for centuries, and if you visit the Paris Tuileries in the summer, you’ll find French women with shoulders covered with large silk or light scarves, while the tourists are more likely to be bare and sunburned.

Besides pairing well with coordinating dresses for formal occasions, you can also put one over a shirt and jeans. With a couple of pins (or a fun brooch), there’s not much you can’t do.

Flowy dresses

Speaking of dresses, if you want to look summery and elegant, opt for a long dress in white, which will cover your legs, make you feel like a queen and keep you comfy through the warm months.

Besides being a classic choice, you can pair a solid white dress with accessories of any color and with intricate patterns. In the summer, white clothing has the added benefit of reflecting most of the sun’s rays, keeping the wearer feeling cooler longer.

If you need a dress that will work for temple weddings, sealings or Easter activities, these dresses have got you covered.

1950s everything (especially swimsuits)

The 1950s are back with more flattering choices than ever. When you’re heading out to the beach, bring along a modest one-piece swimming suit. Side ruching, nautical patterns and halters are especially retro chic, and they look great on all body types.

Pair your 1950s swimsuit with some retro glam shades and a swing dress to complete your bygone-era look.

Boho cover-ups

If you have a tank top or shirt that doesn’t quite fit your modesty requirements, you can pair it with a cool and flattering cover-up. “Bohemian” style frequently uses light and flowy fabrics that you can wear in layers.

Another clear benefit of these wardrobe pieces is they’re flattering on any body type and are so popular this year you are sure to find a pattern and cut that works for you.

For more modest choices

If you’re looking for white dress choices that will be perfect for Easter and through the hot months, browse the wide range of quality-made and modesty-approved options at ModWhite.