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Mark Hamill can do a spot on impression of Harrison Ford. Listen here

SALT LAKE CITY — While guest starring on Seth Meyers’ “Late Show” Tuesday, Mark Hamill had a few words to say about his co-star Harrison Ford.

He also surprised viewers with an impression of Ford that is pretty much dead on.

Take a look

In the video, Hamill describes what it was like to film the scene right after getting out of the trash compactor. He recalls asking, “Shouldn’t my hair be all wet and matted with schmutz all through it?”

Hamill said that after his comments, Harrison turned to him and said, “Hey, kid. It ain’t that kind of a movie. If people are looking at your hair, we’re all in big trouble.”

Hamill touched briefly on what it was like to work on the films with Ford.

“George (Lucas) likes to cast people that are so close to what he wants, he doesn’t have to really get in there and give you a lot of direction,” Hamill said. “So Harrison walks in. He’s just too cool for school.”

Hamill described having “instant idolization” of Harrison.

He also added that Harrison would have made a really good director “if he weren’t so lazy.”

Hamill will return to the big screen on Dec. 20 in “The Rise of Skywalker.”