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You can now stay inside a giant potato for $200 a night

SALT LAKE CITY — This is perhaps the most Idahoan thing to ever exist.

Thanks to the ingenuity of one Boise Airbnb host, you can now spend the night in a 6-ton “Big Idaho Potato Hotel” that looks exactly how it sounds: like one big Idaho potato.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel, which was listed on Airbnb’s website this week, was originally a giant prop that made its way around the country for six years for the Idaho Potato Commission.

After the potato was retired, Boise resident Kristie Wolfe had the idea to turn it into a hotel, according to Insider.

The potato, which measures 28 feet long, 12 feet wide and 11.5 feet tall, according to Insider, has now made its resting place in Boise, surrounded by 400 acres of farmland and a railroad.

For $200 a night (plus a $31 service fee and $16 in occupancy tax), you can stay in the Big Idaho Potato Hotel during your next trip to Idaho.

The Potato Hotel contains one queen-size bed, a small bathroom, a kitchenette, a fireplace and air conditioning. Just don’t expect to have Wi-Fi if you book a night, and don’t try licking or eating the walls — this baby’s full of concrete and steel.

For more information about the Big Idaho Potato Hotel, visit the Airbnb listing.