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When a woman becomes a mother, she takes on a job that is 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of her life. It provides no salary and no vacation or sick days. It requires everything of her: all the patience she can muster, all her creativity, all her talents, all her selflessness, and all her love.

So while every day of the year is “children’s day,” because kids of any age are a mother's focus, one day has been set aside officially for everyone to honor their moms.

Many mothers would love having their children just do what they ask, follow their (very wise) advice, or see some messy rooms cleaned. But since that's not always possible, or easy to wrap, most women also appreciate receiving gifts on Mother’s Day.

Here are five Mother's Day gifts sure to put a smile on mom's face:

Home luxury

If mom is a movie buff or loves to cuddle up on the couch, make sure she has a beautiful, soft blanket on hand. Utah company Minky Couture has a design, color, and size for every mother. If you've never experienced a Minky blanket, you might think any wrap will do. Once you've felt the incredible softness of a Minky, you'll understand that nothing else is good enough for the women in your life.

So grab a few DVDs or stream a movie, add some gourmet popcorn and candies to go with her new blanket for the ultimate relaxation night at home.

Spa gift certificates

Since mothering can take such a toll on a woman’s body, whether it’s from pregnancy and childbirth, carrying around a toddler, or hopping in and out of a minivan on the way to all the places kids need to go, a little pampering is always welcome. Most women wouldn't mind getting a gift card for a massage or even a manicure and pedicure. Give her time to breathe and relax without worrying about anything else.

Personalized jewelry

Even if moms feel like they don't have time to get dressed up, many women still love a little sparkle they can add to their outfits. Maybe your mother loves a sentimental locket or charm bracelet. Either way, she will cherish a personal piece of jewelry picked out with her in mind. Make it even more personal by having the piece personally engraved with her initials, her children's' initials or a special date.


Whether a mom works outside of the home or is busy elsewhere, her house can tend to feel like a workplace. According to the US National Library of Medicine, women do nearly twice the amount of housework as men, especially if those women are married mothers.

So get your mom out of the house for something fun! Take her to her favorite theme park or buy her tickets for a cruise. Let her step away from her responsibilities for a bit and enjoy some carefree time. She'll have a great time and memories to last.

Photo books

While mom might love scrapbooking, catching up on the whole family's photos from over the years is a daunting task. Most mothers love a simple photo book that they can flip through during their downtime. Whether you'd rather put all of the originals in a book with captions or dates, or have them inserted in a digital photo book, she will love and cherish it.

Companies like Shutterfly, Chatbooks and more make it easy to upload and order printed books.

Pampering products

For the moms who'd rather stay home and be around the people she loves, getting a good arrangement of home pampering products is essential. Make sure she has the lotions, perfumes, scrubs and moisturizers that she loves. Arrange these favorites in a pretty basket for a gift she'll love to look at.

Make sure mom feels cherished and pampered this Mother's Day. Check out Minky Couture's collection of luxury blankets she's sure to love.