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5 reasons Flaming Gorge is great for a family getaway

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While most people are heading south to the state and national parks, there's a place in northeast Utah waiting to be explored. Flaming Gorge is surrounded by peaceful scenery and lots of outdoor adventure opportunities.

So if a short getaway with the family or friends is in order this summer, escape to northern Utah to Flaming Gorge. Here are a few reasons why it's a great spot for the whole family.


Past visitors can attest to the gorgeous sights all around the gorge — small mountain lakes, beaver ponds, elk, moose and even bears. Some of these can be seen just by driving up to the gorge area, but there are 100 miles of hiking trails that lead up to the rivers and ponds. Many of these hikes are child-friendly so everyone in the family can enjoy the peaceful nature.


The Utah Office of Tourism also encourages visitors to bring mountain bikes and enjoy the fun and varying trails. The outlooks from a bike, car or hike are incredible. Be sure to watch as the sun sets on the red rock in the evening to see it metaphorically light on fire.


For those seeking adventure and an adrenaline rush, rafting the Green River below the gorge is highly rated. This northern part of the Green River is cold and clear, unlike the southern half of the river, according to the Utah Office of Tourism.

Depending on what part of the river you venture down, kids can strap on a life jacket and join the fun. Check out Utah.com's guide to rafting the Green River near Flaming Gorge for more details.



For those living in or near big cities who aren’t able to see the stars very often, Flaming Gorge is like a breath of fresh cosmic air. When the sun goes down and the fiery part of Flaming Gorge is extinguished for the night, glittery stars shine nearly as bright.

Families can join a local stargazing party or hike to a beautiful lookout and gaze individually. The Utah Office of Tourism says the Milky Way is clearly visible from this part of Utah, and it's a big draw for many people.


People from all over come to Flaming Gorge to escape the crowds of other lakes and rivers, as well as to catch some excellent fish. Whether it's summer or winter, the fishing is exciting for even the most seasoned fishers.

Utah.com boasts, "Famous for its big trout (the record weighing in at 51 pounds, 8 ounces), you’ll come away with the best darn fish stories you have yet to tell."

In the winter, locals and travelers make the stop to ice fish, because the reservoir is typically full of trout. The Flaming Gorge Angler’s Guide has all the details on the best spots to find your trophy fish.



If boating, tubing, or wakeboarding is your play of choice, then you’ll want to visit Flaming Gorge. Your boat, or the boat you choose to rent while at the lake, may be one of the best investments you’ve ever made for a vacation.

“You will find the water absolutely clean, uncrowded and breathtaking! From a boat, you can see eagle nests, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, ospreys, deer and more,” describes the Utah Office of Tourism.

Visitors can rent a boat or take a guided fishing or lake tour if they don't have a boat. There are three marinas in Flaming Gorge, and two of those have restaurants on the waterfront for an easy bite to eat.

Flaming Gorge offers a multitude of opportunities for adventures and memories. So pack up your hiking shoes and swimming suit, because there's something for everyone. To secure a camping spot and take a look at all of the lodging options at or near Flaming Gorge, visit the Flaming Gorge website.