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It's the season for college graduation, but for many other young Utahns, a brand new chapter of their lives is just beginning — not necessarily a new professional chapter, but a romantic one.

According to The Wedding Report, more than 27,000 thousand Utah couples said “I do” in 2018. With those kinds of numbers, it’s likely you’ll be attending a wedding (or seven) in the near future.

When you find yourself searching for a wedding gift, you’ll want to choose a unique gift that won’t get lost in a mountain of white and silver tissue paper. Whether you’re shopping for a bridal shower, couple’s shower or the main event, these fresh, fun wedding gift ideas are the perfect way to dazzle the happy couple.

Let them stream

Some matches were truly made in heaven — like every person and their Netflix account. In fact, today’s streaming services are so vital that, according to Fortune, 21% of adults would rather give up brushing their teeth for a week than give up streaming.

So for the modern couple, gifting a streaming subscription isn’t just a modern, fresh gift idea — it’s also insurance against cavities. And since Netflix and chill is the new night out on the town, a package of microwave popcorn and a cozy blanket are the perfect accouterments.

Go in to go big

If you’re like most people, gifting a $300 robotic vacuum or $500 home camera system would break the bank. But if a showstopping (albeit expensive) item is on the happy couple’s wish list and your good intentions exceed your budget, a group gift is the perfect answer.

According to The Knot, many married couples count the big-ticket items purchased by their friends as their favorite gifts. Between online registries and countless quick-pay apps, coordinating a shared gift is a piece of cake – wedding cake, in this case.

Get it personalized

Wedding gifts can say a lot, but the last thing you want yours to say is “I got this on clearance at my local discount store on my way to the ceremony.” There’s not a chance of that happening when you opt for something personalized or customized.

Whether you’re carving the couple’s new shared name on a handmade cheeseboard or selecting the perfect mix of fabrics for a custom-made blanket, going the extra mile is what makes any gift extraordinary.

Get them laughing

Mixing bowls and slow cookers won’t last forever, but memories of evenings spent laughing have a much better shot. And if you’re looking for a gift that’s funny and fresh, it’s in the bag – er, box.

Among the bakeware sets and wine glasses included in RealSimple’s list of the most popular wedding gifts purchased on Amazon is What Do You Meme, the hilarious game that keeps all players laughing – especially young millennials who love a good meme. The best part? It’s not just a whole deck of laughs; it’s also an easy, inexpensive date night in a box.

Make them sweat

Marriage tends to have a bad rap as far as physical fitness is concerned. But settling down doesn’t have to mean letting it all go. In fact, psychologists agree that working out together is a great way to strengthen romantic relationships.

Give the gift of a better relationship — and a solid six-pack to boot — with a membership to a gym or fitness club. According to Psychology Today, couples who exercise together experience an increased emotional bond and increased happiness in the relationship. Bonus: they also get better workouts and results.

Don't let finding a great gift stress you out. Just remember, young couples will appreciate anything you give them. But if you want a locally-made, luxury wedding gift for the happy couple, consider gifting them a Minky Couture blanket.