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'The Masked Singer' is making a huge change for season 2, according Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke

'The Masked Singer' judges Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke talked about the upcoming season in an interview with Extra.

Ricki Lake is revealed in the “Touchy Feely Clues” episode of Fox's "The Masked Singer" airing Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019.
Ricki Lake is revealed during a season 1 episode of Fox's "The Masked Singer." Show judge Jenny McCarthy told Extra in a recent interview that she has heard of a major change between the two seasons.
Michael Becker, Fox

SALT LAKE CITY — “The Masked Singer” will make a major change in the show's format.

“The Masked Singer” judge Jenny McCarthy told Extra in a recent interview that she has heard of some major changes coming for season two.

“There's 16 contestants this year versus 12. I heard through the grapevine the costumes, which were amazing in the first season, have even elevated to 11,” she said.

Meanwhile, Robin Thicke, another judge on the show, told Extra the judges felt more comfortable about the show toward the end of season one.

Thicke said they will bring that confidence into the new season.

“We feel we hit a stride at the end of the season, then seeing it back it all makes sense to us. Now we'll be able to go in there with big smiles and a little competitive spirit to be the one who tries to up the other panelists,” he said, according to Extra.

“The Masked Singer” — a reality singing competition where judges try to guess the identity of singers in masks — rose to viral fame in 2018. Such stars as Donny Osmond, Gladys Knight and T-Pain joined the competition.

“The Masked Singer” became the TV season’s highest-rated new show and ranked among the top broadcasts for all networks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fox renewed “The Masked Singer”for a second season at the end of January, according to my report for the Deseret News.

Fox announced in May that an in-house production company called Fox Alternative Entertainment will produce season two of the show, as I reported for the Deseret News.