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‘Toy Story 4' breaks with a huge Pixar tradition

‘Toy Story 4' is apparently breaking with a Pixar tradition, one that it has held since 1998.

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SALT LAKE CITY — “Toy Story 4” is apparently breaking with a Pixar tradition as Slate reports that “Toy Story 4” won’t have an animated short running before it.

  • “Toy Story 4 (will go) without an animated short when it enters theaters June 21… That makes it the first Pixar movie without one since the original Toy Story in 1995, which was only paired with Tin Toy on its home video releases, not in theaters,” according to Slate.

The first Pixar short was “Geri’s Game,” which aired before “A Bug’s Life” in 1998, according to Slate.

Recent Pixar films included shorts right beforehand, including “For the Birds” before “Monsters, Inc.,” and “Presto” before “WALL-E” and “Bao” before “Incredibles 2.”

Yes, but: Not all shorts have done well in the eyes of critics. Just look at “Olaf’s Frozen Adventures,” which aired before “Coco.” The short film received a lot of negative reviews. It was later pulled from theaters, too.

Other side: Not to mention, Pixar has started publishing a number of short films on their own that you can watch online.

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