BYU head basketball coach Mark Pope calls his wife, Lee Anne Pope, his "confidant of all confidants," his advisor and his "most honest and toughest critic."

The "power couple" sat down with Morgan Jones of LDS Living to talk about navigating life in the NBA, how they met, working for David Letterman and how basketball has shaped their lives. Lee Anne Pope grew up around the game as the daughter of Lynn Archibald, the former head coach at the University of Utah and an assistant at BYU.

"(Lee Anne) knows the Xs and Os of the game," Mark Pope says on the "All In" podcast. "She knows the rules of the game. The first time we ever talked, she explained to me what a grayshirt was. I was a professional and she's telling me the technicalities of the game and so she's familiar with every facet.”

The couple met through Lee Anne's brother Damon, who played at Boise State.

“Damon met Mark at a pro camp, came back and met me in San Francisco after this and he's like, ‘I just met the male version of you. He's you but he's a dude,'" she said.

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