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Watch: Sister Wendy Nelson talks about how 'the heavens opened'

In a new Church News video, Sister Wendy Nelson speaks openly about how she sought guidance from God regarding her relationship with the man who would become the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sister Nelson recently visited the South Pacific with her husband, President Russell M. Nelson, on a ministry tour. The video, called "Opening the Heavens," shows footage from the trip and recounts how Sister Nelson sought to "know the Lord's will" before marrying then-Elder Nelson more than 13 years ago.

Sister Nelson talks about how just knowing the Lord's will doesn't make everything easy, wonderful and marvelous.

"It was tough," she says of the dramatic changes that accompanied her decision. But she also talks about the blessings of family, President Nelson's "fabulous" and "welcoming" children, and the opportunity she now has to be a great-grandmother.

"I'm astonished, amazed, thrilled, excited every day to know that the Lord is as eager to give revelation to me as he is to give revelation to his prophet," she says. "Well, that applies to all of us. ...

“We’re so grateful that the Lord brought us together.”