SALT LAKE CITY — “Star Wars” fans got their first look at the all-new Sith Trooper and, spoilers, it’s really just a red stormtrooper.

An image of the new “Sith Trooper” — a character that will appear in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” — was shared online Wednesday. The new trooper is reportedly “the latest version of the First Order stormtroopers, but instead of their traditional white and black uniforms, they're wearing red,” according to BBC News.

Details: The Sith Trooper announcement comes with some merchandise announcements, too. For example, the toy version of the character will include “a wicked little short sword, a short-barreled blaster carbine with an adjustable stock, and what looks very much to be a handheld flamethrower,” according to Polygon.

  • More details about the Sith Trooper suit will likely come next week at San Diego Comic-Con.

For now: Fans had mixed reactions about the new stormtrooper. Many reviews point to the fact that it’s really just a red version of the traditional stormtrooper outfit.

History: The Sith Troopers are actually already established in the “Star Wars” canon. The characters appeared back during the infamous Jedi Civil War, the New Sith War and the Galactic Civil War, though they had a much different appearance at the time, according to Wookiepedia.

  • The Sith Troopers acted as soldiers for the Sith Empire, which existed during the Jedi Civil War hundreds of years before the main “Star Wars” saga. The free soldiers followed the Sith named Revan.
  • “The faceless and inhuman design of the Sith trooper armor they wore as well as their aggressive combat tactics gave a sense of fear that would often demoralize enemy forces into surrender,” according to Wookiepedia.