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Crews working to clear debris along U.S. 89 in Utah after flash flood

BIRDSEYE, Utah County — Crews responded to a section of U.S. 89 on Friday evening after a flash flood left rock and mud covering the road.

The highway was closed between Thistle and Birdseye and would remain closed for an undetermined period of time, the Utah Department of Transportation said shortly before 9 p.m.

The flood left over 2 feet of rock and mud covering the road in some spots, Utah Highway Patrol said, and there was still some water flowing over the road.

About 30 cars were stuck between debris fields as a result of the flood, but first responders were able to reach the cars and found that nobody was hurt, Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Nick Street said. Only three of those cars will need to be towed, according to Street.

Crews expected to work overnight to clear away debris and assess the pavement before reopening the road, the Department of Transportation said.

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