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Can't find this year's Itty Bitty Salt Lake City clue No. 5? You're not alone

SALT LAKE CITY — Dedicated Itty Bitty players with sharp eyes have discovered what a few of you may have yet to suss out: This year's clue No. 5 has disappeared.

Every year, we know that there is a possibility that our clues could vanish (last year we lost not one but two of our clues), and while we always try to find things that we think are here to stay, sometimes things happen. For those of you playing this year's Itty Bitty Salt Lake City, you can knock down the clues you have to find from 17 to 16, as clue No. 5 has disappeared. We've also heard that a bit of red graffiti on clue number 17 has been removed, but the clue itself is still intact and in the game.

All entries are due by midnight on Sunday, July 14. You can email your findings, now listed 1-16, to

Happy hunting!