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This Disney actress wants to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The ‘Stargirl’ star is campaigning on social media.

Artemis Elena House uses a bow and arrow to show off her skills as Kate Bishop.

SALT LAKE CITY — Disney actress Artemis Elena House wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kate Bishop in the Disney+ series “Hawkeye.”

House started a social media campaign for her to win the role, posting a video of her completing the bottle cap challenge. She shows herself using a bow and arrow to destroy the bottle.

As reports, “while just hitting the bottle would’ve been pretty impressive, she went above and beyond and manage to actually hit the bottle cap off the bottle’s top. That’s some serious skill, and she was pretty thrilled with the shot too.”

Watch the video below:

Per, the upcoming Disney+ show will center around Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton teaching Bishop how to be Hawkeye so that he can retire and spend time with his family.

Disney hasn’t made any casting announcements yet.

Bishop is currently the Hawkeye hero in the Marvel Comics. She and Barton share similar traits and abilities in the fictional universe.

“Like Clint Barton with whom she shares a moniker, the strong-willed Kate Bishop is a masterful archer who uses her excellent marksmanship to fight against evil,” according to