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Lori Loughlin avoids media and fans during her recent court appearance. Here’s why that matters

Loughlin left the courthouse after a 45-minute hearing.

Lori Loughlin departs federal court Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019, in Boston, after a hearing in a nationwide college admissions bribery scandal. At far right is her husband, clothing designer Mossimo Giannulli.
Steven Senne, Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY — Lori Loughlin avoided a media scrum on Tuesday when she appeared in federal court in Boston.

NBC10 Boston reporter Eli Rosenberg shared a video of Loughlin entering into the courthouse from the back door, “avoiding dozens of media members waiting out front.”

Watch her entrance below.

Loughlin left the courthouse after a 45-minute hearing. She was asked to return to court in connection with the college admissions scandal. She and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are accused of paying $500,000 in bribes so that their daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Giannulli, would be team crew recruits for USC, even though they never competed in crew.

She attended court back in April to much fanfare. Loughlin and Giannulli pleaded not guilty. But on Tuesday, she didn’t speak to the media during her appearance, according to Rosenberg.

It wasn’t just the media waiting for Loughlin, though. Other tweets from outside the courthouse showed fans waiting to see the former “When Calls the Heart” star as she made her court appearance.

The Associated Press captured more photos of Loughlin entering and exiting the courtroom:

Loughlin’s brief and sly court appearance is a much different experience than when she visited court back in April. As I wrote for the Deseret News, Loughlin entered the courthouse through the front door, greeting screaming fans with smiles. Loughlin reportedly went on to regret those smiles and her attitude during the first appearance. According to reports, Loughlin felt she appeared too lighthearted about the college admissions scandal case.

University of Utah law professor Shima Baradaran Baughman told the Deseret News back in June that it’s not surprising to see so many fans celebrate Loughlin despite the controversy.

“America grew up with Lori Loughlin. She played a loveable, relatable mother figure and some still love her,” she said.

She said parents can relate to Loughlin’s scenario, too.

“I think a lot of American women can relate to a mother doing anything she can to help her children get into college. Most would not go that far but can at least understand the temptation,” Baughman said.