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Pay and perks you should realistically expect from a job


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In an age that’s been redefined by workplace culture overhauls, more American workers are choosing or switching jobs based on promises of supportive company cultures and better benefits packages.

In a recent study, 54% of employees said they would leave their job for a pay raise, 37% said career advancement, and 20% said better benefits, according to Achievers.

While it may not be reasonable to expect a stocked pantry, unlimited paid time off, all-expense-paid vacations and a remote office, there are some reasonable benefits you should expect from a job.

Competitive pay and benefits

For employers, attracting and retaining top talent means impressing potential employees. Those talented individuals won’t be loyal if their compensation and benefits fall behind the competition. For an experienced worker, perpetually seeking better pay and benefits or job-hopping is becoming the norm.

In fact, 32% of workers are looking to change jobs in 2019. Of that group of people, 15% say they don't have enough compensation and benefits. Undesirable company culture accounts for another 10%, according to a report from CareerBuilder.

Millennials are one of the most mobile segments of the work market. They are known for going where their skills will be fairly compensated and the work culture fits their expectations, even if it means staying a short period at a given employer. However, when they find a company with a good salary and benefits package, research suggests they will be loyal.

One study found that 81% of employees who can easily access their benefits said they feel loyal to their employer and 79% say they were proud to work for their organization, according to Thomsons Online Benefits.

Good leadership and positive company culture

Good company culture is a term that pops up in more job descriptions and interviews than in times past. Some companies even create positions like Company Culture Managers designed to foster positive environments.

While definitions vary, most contain the idea that a positive workplace culture is somewhere employees feel valued, recognized and respected. Bamboo HR says, "...strong culture is an acknowledgment that people are the most critical asset a company holds and that protecting its people is the surest way to continued success."

There's also good reason to expect a laid-back, happy environment at work. Harvard Business Review says, “Health care expenditures at high-pressure companies are nearly 50% greater than at other organizations.” Employee stress contributes to high numbers of sick days and overall employee disengagement.

While it may seem silly or entitled, choosing to work in a place with a positive environment and good management can literally save your sanity and health.

Learning and being engaged on the job

While some employees are content getting into a position and leaving learning in the past, research from Robert Half UK suggests that if you continue learning throughout your career, you’re likely to be happier and retain your job, even if technology disrupts work dynamics in the near future.

Learning opportunities give companies better-prepared employees and open doors to promotions and shifts in career focus. As automation and other innovations change work dynamics, employee retraining has become a critical part of the job force.

By 2030, as many as 375 million workers may need to switch job fields entirely due to digitization, automation, and advances in artificial intelligence, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. Additionally, companies who have a strong learning culture have engagement and retention rates around 30-50% higher than those that don’t, according to the research firm Robert Half UK.

Going into a job with the expectation that you’ll be continually training and improving can give you a better shot at satisfaction and job security.

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