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Survivor in Stanford sexual assault case comes forward with name, memoir

Chanel Miller reveals her identity ahead of book’s publication.

This combination photo of images released by Viking shows the cover of “Know My Name,” left, and author Chanel Miller. For years, Miller was known in legal proceedings as “Emily Doe,” the woman assaulted while unconscious by Brock Turner outside an on-campus fraternity house. She identifies herself in a memoir, “Know My Name,” scheduled to be released Sept. 24. (Viking, left, and Mariah Tiffany via AP)

Known for years as “Emily Doe,” a Stanford sexual assault survivor has now come forward to reveal her name, as well as a forthcoming memoir.

Chanel Miller, 27, will be publishing her memoir, “Know My Name,” later this month. According to the publisher, the book will explore the way that Miller ”reclaims her identity to tell her story of trauma, transcendence, and the power of words.”

Miller was known only as “Emily Doe” during the 2016 trial of Brock Turner, the Stanford student who was convicted of her assault. She read a victim impact statement while in court, which was later published in full by Buzzfeed and quickly went viral.

Her words were even read aloud by members of Congress on the House floor.

Turner was sentenced to six months in county jail. The judge on the case, Aaron Persky, was later recalled after criticism of the lenient sentencing. California has since passed a law that requires minimum sentences for sexual assault cases, according to the Huffington Post.

Andrea Schulz, the editor-in-chief of Viking, which will publish “Know My Name,” told The New York Times, “It is one of the most important books that I’ve ever published.” She said she believes it has the potential to “change the culture that we live in and the assumptions we make about what survivors should be expected to go through to get justice.”

“Know My Name” is scheduled to be released Sept. 24.