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What’s new: ‘The New Testament Family Reader’ shares plans for 5-minute study

SHARE What’s new: ‘The New Testament Family Reader’ shares plans for 5-minute study

“The New Testament Family Reader” is edited by edited by Tyler McKellar with illustrations by Dan Burr.

Deseret Book

“THE NEW TESTAMENT FAMILY READER,” edited by Tyler McKellar, illustrations by Dan Burr, Deseret Book, $24.99, 211 pages (nf)

Tyler McKeller had his six children in mind as he put together “The New Testament Family Reader,” following a similar format in his “Book of Mormon Family Reader.” He also considered the doctrines he wanted them to learn, his own impressions of the New Testament and doctrines emphasized by current leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he writes in the book’s introduction. He also appreciates how family time can be short and attention spans even shorter.

“The New Testament Family Reader” has 172 sections that are a page or less and each section is designed for a five-minute discussion.

Each section title helps identify the speaker and situation. A short overview introduces the section and includes any needed cultural context to the passage. He includes a section of scriptures from the King James Version, with the Joseph Smith Translations in italics, and then a couple of questions designed to discuss the section. The questions can either have simple or deep answers, depending on the needs of those using this resource.

Where the experiences overlapped in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, he’s included one of the experiences with references to the others.

McKeller wanted to create “a simple, consistent method for discovering and exploring the doctrines taught in the New Testament,” he wrote in the introduction.

Throughout “The New Testament Family Reader,” there are more than 80 beautiful illustrations by artist Dan Burr that help depict scenes from the New Testament.

Also included are a few maps to help with locations during Jesus’ ministry and Paul’s missionary journeys.

McKeller notes that not every story or chapter in the New Testament is included.

Overall, it a great resource for those looking for ways to streamline their gospel study or for an individual looking for a resource to help start studying the New Testament, which is the topic of this year’s “Come, Follow Me” study.