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Get family fuel with BYUtv’s ‘Family Rules ‘season 2

SHARE Get family fuel with BYUtv’s ‘Family Rules ‘season 2


Families are the bedrock of society. They’re also complex, messy, wonderful, and frustrating—sometimes simultaneously. And host Brooke Walker, host of “Family Rules,” is here for all of it.

Family Rules is a news magazine show (now in its second season) that highlights how today’s families find balance in today’s hectic landscape. With correspondents Yahosh Bonner and Natalie Riskas, Walker explores what today’s parents and kids are doing to strengthen those family ties.



“Families today face a long list of challenges: technology, connection, communication. But I believe the biggest challenge is the temptation to undervalue the family,” she says.

In addition to “Family Rules,” Walker is also the host of a weekday talk show, on KSL-TV in Salt Lake City. Balancing the workload of two different talk shows, plus being a mom to three young children, requires creativity and stamina. Having a front-row seat to how other families manage their equally hectic lives is a definite plus.

“Life is so fast-paced and busy,” says Walker. “We have to purposefully seek out opportunities to talk about what’s really important—and family tops that list.”

“Family Rules” is all about practical advice for anyone who wants to improve their family relations.

“Families come in all forms, and this is a show that celebrates all families,” says Walker.