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Danube and Rhine River cruises in 2021 capture European history

SHARE Danube and Rhine River cruises in 2021 capture European history


As an international waterway since 1815, the Rhine River represents one of the most important waterways in Europe, as well as one of the longest. Its history and mystery are unparalleled perhaps because it represents so much to so many countries and people. And now thanks to a local tour company, Utah residents have the opportunity to learn more about this vital segment of European history.

German, French, Dutch, Celtic and Latin societies all at one time shared possession of the Rhine and its shores, whether as a political border or as an artery of commerce to the region. It also held an important place within the Holy Roman Empire once upon a time, as Rick Steves writes for The Huffington Post. But despite these quick facts, there’s really only one way to truly experience the romantic beauty and historical significance of the Rhine: by seeing it for yourself.

Europe itself is rich with history and significance. The gothic churches, battlefronts and castles to tour and discover are worth the plane ride over. But for those wishing for a holistic summary of many important points in European history while also experiencing some of the greatest beauties Europe has to offer, a river cruise upon the Rhine is the perfect opportunity. 

The Rhine’s course

Even history buffs like to take a vacation now and then because every person — no matter their interests — benefits from some time away from normal life. Even if taking a tour of historical sites isn’t your idea of a vacation, you won’t be disappointed with a Fun for Less cruise on the Rhine. 

Starting in the Swiss Alps, the Upper and Lower Rhine wind together meeting at the peaceful Lake Constance before plunging over the Rhine Falls and into Germany. Here lies the longest stretch of the Rhine, as it travels through and along the famous Black Forest past castles, amusement parks, vineyards and orchards. River goers will enjoy a trip northwest into the Netherlands before the river splits and rejoins near Rotterdam and eventually flows into the North Sea. 

The stops along the way

A Rhine River cruise could involve many different stops and routes, but perhaps one of the most enchanting is one that docks in some of the most romantic places in Europe. The Fun for Less Rhine River Cruise stops in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Itay’s lakes Como and Lugano. 

Along these stops, you’ll visit the Amsterdam canals, windmills, the Schloss Burg Castle, Mont Sainte Odile Monastery and more. You can see the full list of attractions the cruise offers on the Fun For Less website.



Learn something

Of course, you’ll learn something new whenever you leave your home country — like how Europeans prefer mineral water to flat water. But on a Rhine River cruise, you’ll learn so much about the history, current culture and yourself! 

The Enchanting Rhine River Cruise is led by S. Michael Wilcox Ph.D. to help you better understand the places you visit. Wilcox taught for many years at the University of Utah Institute and speaks frequently at BYU’s Education Week. He leads many cruises all over the world, so you know the information you get from him is accurate and relevant.

Choose your adventure

To book your next international adventure, visit funforless.com. The Rhine River 2020 cruises are already sold out, but you can still secure a spot for the 2021 cruises. Be sure to look at all of the package information to find the cruise and accommodations that fit your time frame and budget.