If you’ve reviewed the NBA standings in the past few months, you probably noticed something shocking: the Golden State Warriors are in last place. The reigning champions with a seemingly unmatchable roster have fallen from league domination to fighting for scraps of success in the 2019-2020 season. 

Given the Warriors’ success over the past several years (winning four titles since 2015), it’s hard to reconcile the current state of the team. 

So what changed? 

It’s something that could affect your life just as dramatically as it has for the Warriors: injuries. This season, injuries hampered several of the team’s key starters like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. 

Unfortunately, professional athletes aren’t the only people who deal with injuries. A recent study released by the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine found that increasing sports specialization by children 14 and under could be responsible for increased numbers of serious injuries. 

That specialization can also mean that young athletes are now experiencing the same types of injuries as the sports stars they idolize. 

Not long ago, some of the injuries experienced by the Warriors stars could have been career-ending. Thanks to modern medicine, doctors can repair most injuries so athletes at all levels can continue competing in their chosen sports.  

For the 2020-2021 NBA season, don’t be surprised if the Warriors again lead the NBA standings: from first to worst and back to first in a year, thanks to skilled medical professionals. 

MountainStar Healthcare provides treatments fit for a champion for when Utahns sustain injuries like those hampering the Warriors this season. Skilled local doctors can provide treatment and recovery plans that get you back to full strength in record time. 

Here is a look at some of the more notable injuries plaguing the Warriors this season:

Stephen Curry — broken hand

Steph Curry, two-time league MVP, left a game against Phoenix on Oct. 30, 2019, when the 7-foot Aron Baynes fell on top of him. What was originally a wrist injury turned out to be a broken hand that required surgery and several months of recovery time. 

In the past, a complex break in the hand could be a potentially career-ending event. Operating on hands is a complex matter, explains WebMD. With modern surgery and treatment options, you can expect to be back to using and strengthening that hand in a matter of months.  

In addition to sports, hand breaks commonly result from activities like slipping on ice, falls in the home or on ski or snowboard slopes and injuries at work. Hand injuries are nothing to fret over with the help of medical experts at MountainStar Healthcare

Klay Thompson — Torn ACL

One of the more crushing injuries for the Warriors happened during game six of last season’s NBA finals against the Toronto Raptors. In this do-or-die game, Warriors all-star guard Klay Thompson tore his ACL and hasn’t played since. 

The Warriors are keen on him making a full recovery, especially since the 29-year-old signed a five-year, $190 million deal in the offseason to stay with them. 

Knee injuries, including torn ACLs, can be incredibly painful and have long recovery times. According, to the Mayo Clinic, things that can lead to tearing your ACL including “participating in sports such as soccer, football, basketball, gymnastics and downhill skiing, poor conditioning, wearing footwear that doesn’t fit properly, using poorly maintained sports equipment, such as ski bindings that aren’t adjusted properly, and playing on artificial turf surfaces”.  

Draymond Green, D’Angelo Russell

Unfortunately, the injuries keep coming for the Warriors.

Warriors fiery all-star forward, Draymond Green has also been hit hard with injuries this year. A finger injury, an ankle injury and a pelvic injury are among the ailments causing him to miss games this season. 

Additionally, all-star guard D’Angelo Russell, who the Warriors acquired from the Brooklyn Nets during the offseason, has missed time with an ankle injury and a shoulder injury. 

Lessons for Utahns  

The lessons that can be learned from the tragic tale of the 2019-2020 defending champions are plentiful. However, one impressive aspect of the Warriors’s plight is that while their injuries are serious — years ago these would’ve ended careers — modern medicine can aid them in healing relatively quickly, back to full strength, and playing professional basketball again as if the accident had never occurred.  

While you may not be a professional basketball player, you have access to the same treatments, procedures, surgery, and other recovery options that the great athletes of the world do.  

Should you suffer one of these injuries, whether it be hand, finger, ankle, knee, or other injuries, know that healing is possible, and you can be restored to full-strength with the proper care. 

Treated like a champion

MountainStar Healthcare is well equipped to treat these injuries. Founded in 2006, MountainStar Healthcare “is committed to excellence while taking care of patients and their families.” 

MountainStar’s patient-centered approach aims to deliver exceptional patient care and advance best practices in medicine, which means you can expect to have all-star level care in whatever injury might befall you.