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Winners of the 48th annual Sterling Scholar competition for the Southeast Region were announced April 13.
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Here are the 2020 Sterling Scholar Southeast Region winners and runners-up

Winners of the 48th annual Sterling Scholar competition for the Southeast Region were announced April 13. The region had 67 nominees competing in 14 categories: Business and Marketing, Computer Technology, Dance, Drama and Vocal Performance, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, Forensics and Speech, Mathematics, Music, Science, Skilled and Technical Science Education, Social Science, Visual Arts and World Languages.

The regional winners will each receive a $2,500 scholarship that goes directly to the college or university of their choice as well as a $400 check. Regional runners-up each receive a $1,000 scholarship that goes directly to the college or university as well as a $200 check.

The winners and runners-up are:

Business and Marketing winner:

James Bryner, Carbon High School

Parents: Christian and Liz Bryner, Price

James Bryner, Carbon, Business and Marketing


Brittany Grover, San Juan High School

Parents: BJ and Jeanna Grover, Blanding

Brittany Grover, San Juan, Business and Marketing

Alexa Peterson, Monticello High School

Parents: Warren & Miriam Peterson, Monticello

Alexa Peterson, Monticello, Business and Marketing

Computer Technology winner:

Emily Jespersen, Carbon High School

Parents: Mark and Amy Jespersen, Price

Emily Jespersen, Carbon, Computer Technology


Brandon Walker, San Juan High School

Parents: Holly and William Walker, Blanding

Brandon Walker, San Juan, Computer Technology

Zachary Ainge-Baggett, Grand County High School

Parent: Geni Ainge, Moab

Zachary Ainge-Baggett, Grand County, Computer Technology

Dance winner:

Sydney Sandoval, Carbon High School

Parents: Rick and Anna Sandoval, Price

Sydney Sandoval, Carbon, Dance


Morgan Maloy, Monticello High School

Parents: Billy and Melani Maloy, Monticello

Morgan Maloy, Monticello, Dance

Hayley Shumway, San Juan High School

Parents: Stuart and Manette Shumway, Blanding

Hayley Shumway, San Juan, Dance

Drama and Vocal Performance winner:

Jordynn Wolford, Emery High School

Parents: Benjamin and Sarah Wolford, Ferron

Jordynn Wolford, Emery, Drama and Vocal Performance

Runners up:

Julia Crane, Grand County High School

Parents: Samuel and Chanelle Crane, Moab

Julia Crane, Grand County, Drama and Vocal Performance

Madison Freestone, Monticello High School

Parents: Paige & Stenson Freestone, Monticello

Madison Freestone, Monticello, Drama and Vocal Performance

English winner:

Ashlin Baker, Carbon High School

Parents: Neal and Heather Baker, Price

Ashlin Baker, Carbon, English


Shelbie Musselman, Monticello High School

Parents: Benny and Marcie Musselman, Monticello

Shelbie Musselman, Monticello, English

Ashley Morgan, Emery High School

Parents: Stephen and Pearl Morgan, Ferron

Ashley Morgan, Emery, English

Family and Consumer Sciences winner:

Summer Atherley, Carbon High School

Parents: Leif and Amanda Nelson, Price

Summer Atherley, Carbon, Family and Consumer Sciences


Alejandra Carranza, Monticello High School

Parent: Veronica Trevizo, Monticello

Alejandra Carranza, Monticello, Family and Consumer Sciences

Daan Filfred, Whitehorse High School

Parent: Marion Filfred, Aneth

Daan Filfred, Whitehorse, Family and Consumer Sciences

Forensics and Speech winner:

Jaron Hansen, Emery High School

Parents: Tom and Deanna Hansen, Elmo

Jaron Hansen, Emery, Forensics and Speech


Tristan Stamatakis, Carbon High School

Parents: Jason Stamatakis and Poppi Stamatakis, Price

Tristan Stamatakis, Carbon, Forensics and Speech

Miranda Olivia Corbin, Grand County High School

Parents: James and Michelle Corbin, Moab

Miranda Olivia Corbin, Grand County, Forensics and Speech

Mathematics winner:

Milo Birdwell, Grand County High School

Parents: Drew and Chelsea Birdwell, Moab

Milo Birdwell, Grand County, Mathematics


Abbie Saccomanno, Carbon High School

Parents: Frank and Judy Saccomanno, Helper

Abbie Saccomanno, Carbon, Mathematics

Dillon Slack, Monticello High School

Parents: Kyle Slack, Jill Pearson and Toby Pearson, Monticello

Dillon Slack, Monticello, Mathematics

Music winner:

Dallin Nelson, Carbon High School

Parents: Sid and Loraina Nelson, Price

Dallin Nelson, Carbon, Music


Alexander Lott, San Juan High School

Parents: Christa Monsen and Anthony Lott, Bluff

Alexander Lott, San Juan Music

Ivy Fellmeth, Monticello High School

Parents: Jody & John Fellmeth, Monticello

Ivy Fellmeth, Monticello, Music

Science winner:

Brock Morris, Carbon High School

Parents: Douglas and Ruth Morris, Price

Brock Morris, Carbon, Science


Kaia Jay, Whitehorse High School

Parents: Keith and Sharon Jay, Montezuma Creek

Kaia Jay, Whitehorse, Science

Connor Cramer, Emery High School

Parent: Madonna Cramer, Castle Dale

Connor Cramer, Emery, Science

Skilled and Technical Science Education winner:

Tyler Shumway, San Juan High School

Parents: Shantil and Jason Shumway, Blanding

Tyler Shumway, San Juan, Skilled and Technical Science Education


Jace Draper, Carbon High School

Parents: Blake and Arica Draper, Price

Jace Draper, Carbon, Skilled and Technical Science Education

Quay Walker, Monticello High School

Parents: LaMarr and Valerie Walker, Monticello

Quay Walker, Monticello, Skilled and Technical Science Education

Social Science winner:

Alexis Chappell, Carbon High School

Parents: Tyson and Amber Chappell, Price

Alexis Chappell, Carbon, Social Science


Adri Lewis, Monticello High School

Parents: Shay and Cheryl Lewis, Monticello

Adri Lewis, Monticello, Social Science

Seth Justice, Emery High School

Parents: Chris and Courtnee Justice, Huntington

Seth Justice, Emery, Social Science

Visual Arts winner:

Jaidyn Thomas, Grand County High School

Parents: Annie and Ron Thomas, Moab

Jaidyn Thomas, Grand County, Visual Arts


Thomas Perkins, San Juan High School

Parents: KD and Clayton Perkins, Blanding

Thomas Perkins, San Juan, Visual Arts

Naomi Mantz, Monticello High School

Parents: Eric & Natalie Mantz, Monticello

Naomi Mantz, Monticello, Visual Arts

World Language winner:

Tess Bayles, San Juan High School

Parents: Lyle and Cindy Bayles, Blanding

Tess Bayles, San Juan, World Language


Emma Millis, Grand County High School

Parents: Kristin Godwin and Bruce Millis, Moab

Emma Millis, Grand County, World Language

Katelynn Vasquez, Carbon High School

Parents: Orlando and Jamie Vasquez, Helper

Katelynn Vasquez, Carbon, World Language

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