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Watch: How World War II and shelter-in-place inspired one of the world’s most successful board games

Clue has been sold in more than 40 countries since first being published as Cluedo in the UK in late 1949, but not many people know where the game came from.

This story has a familiar beginning. A man and his wife are stuck at home, day after day, unable to do the things they love. They can’t see friends or go to restaurants or attend parties. If they don’t do something quick, they just might go stir crazy.

It isn’t 2020 during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but more than 70 years ago, during WWII in Britain when air raids forced people inside. People like Anthony and Elva Pratt.

To pass the time, the Pratts invented the game that would become one of the most successful board games of all time — a murder mystery game called Clue.

The story behind this worldwide classic is unique and relatable, especially now, but it has been largely ignored.

Deseret News producers spoke to Marcia Lewis, the Pratts’ daughter, and got to the bottom of the mystery of one of the world’s most famous murder mystery games.