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5 reasons Flaming Gorge could be the best spot for RVing in Utah right now

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When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, few places in the world do it as well as Utah. Lakes, reservoirs, deserts, dunes, mountains, slot canyons—you could spend a lifetime exploring Utah and never get bored. 

With so many popular spots to see and experience, it’s difficult to prioritize the best places to spend a few days. However, with its stunning natural splendor, and an endless variety of activities, Flaming Gorge could be the most underrated gem for RVing in Utah right now. 

RVing has taken off in the last six months, with many retailers having trouble keeping RVs in stock. Given distancing protocols and work from home changes, the comfort and convenience of an RV while exploring Utah’s natural wonders has proven to be a popular way for families to get away while staying safe.

If you’re considering where to take your RV next, Flaming Gorge should be at the top of your list. Here are five reasons why. 

RV parking options and accessibility

If you’ve never been to Flaming Gorge with your RV before, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several excellent options for parking your RV, replete with thoughtful parking designs and camp spots. 

You may not realize it, but Flaming Gorge Reservoir covers over 65 square miles of varied terrain and is more than 90 miles long. Dotted throughout this wide expanse of land are 28 campgrounds with several dedicated RV parks

Not all campgrounds may be accessible for large RVs, so do your research before setting off. 

Modern conveniences

Even though you’re experiencing life in the outdoors, you still need the modern conveniences of home. Fast, reliable, free internet access is available throughout several RV parks throughout Flaming Gorge. Just reserve a spot to stay disconnected—physically—but connected virtually for the meetings and calls you need.


Since the convenience of a short drive is important for a week or weekend getaway, it’s important to note that Flaming Gorge is only a three and a half-hour drive from Salt Lake City. That’s about the same distance as several other well-known Utah parks and campsites.

It’s also close to several smaller towns where you can find delicious meals at local restaurants and services like medical care and groceries, should you need them.

Variety of activities

If you’re looking for somewhere to take your RV with easy access to a variety of activities, Flaming Gorge checks every box.



Flaming Gorge is known for its incredible fishing and is packed full of rainbow trout, lake trout, cutthroat trout, kokanee salmon, smallmouth bass, and burbot. You can also venture down below the dam and enjoy the great fly fishing found in the Green River. 

If you want to spend some time exploring the water and sights of the area, grab your paddleboard or kayak and enjoy some of the very best paddleboard and kayak trails in Utah. 

If you’re after a peaceful day of laying on the beach and doing nothing, Sunny Cove beach is a great place to catch some rays and take a dip in the cool water. 

Of course, if its good, old-fashioned hiking and mountain biking you want, Flaming Gorge has an almost endless amount of trails. Set against the red rock walls of the gorge with blue water below, you’re in for some unforgettable exploring.

Unparalleled beauty

When it comes to beautiful surroundings, Flaming Gorge has it all, making for an RV experience unlike any other in Utah. The scenery and majesty of the gorge is unlike anything you’ll see across the state. So if you’re after a quiet spot to RV with a backdrop of unparalleled vibrancy, you’ll fin it all at Flaming Gorge.

Reserve your RV spot today to secure a getaway you didn’t know you were missing.