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5 things to do in 2021 if you’re looking for a job

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CNBC reported on a study performed by ZipRecruiter, noting that job listings actually tend to increase in January by 15%. So whether you’re out of work and looking for your next opportunity or you want to move on to greener pastures, the chances are good that you can find a match at a new company. 

However, getting a job in 2021 is nothing like they taught you about in high school or even college. Most kids in high school never learned how to conduct themselves during a remote interview. Most teachers and mentors don’t prepare you for working from home and all of the challenges (and often privileges) come from that.

Luckily, with a few adjustments to your job-seeking strategies, it may not be as hard as you think to get a job. Here are some important things to know during your job search in 2021.

Have realistic expectations

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit some career fields especially hard, which is something you should be aware of when you start casting your job search net.

“The travel-dependent leisure and hospitality industry is suffering from a 15% unemployment rate—more than double the national level (6.7 percent),” reported Travel Agent Central. Other job fields that have suffered from the effects of COVID include travel and transportation jobs, construction jobs, motion picture and music industry jobs, restaurant industry jobs and jobs in sales.

On the other hand, certain industries are booming. Amazon, for instance, opened hiring for 100,000 positions for workers for fulfillment and delivery in March 2020. Other shipping and delivery companies have also reported the need for more workers. Online learning companies, grocery stores and grocery delivery services, remote communication services, childcare companies and some medical research and biotechnology companies have also reported the need for more workers.

While it can be disappointing to be unemployed in your desired career, adjusting your expectations and being willing to try something new will allow you to be employed until another opportunity presents itself. A new challenge may actually end up being something you love.

Use online hiring sites

The age of going door-to-door picking up paper applications is a thing of the past. The initial stages of most hiring processes now happen entirely online. Popular hiring sites where you can go to input a search term for your desired job, create a profile and upload your resume include Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, FlexJobs, Scouted and Snagajob, to name a few. 

Another option is to go directly to the website of the company you want to work for and look for a link to their careers or hiring page. If a method for job application isn’t immediately obvious, you can always contact the company directly to find out if they’re hiring.

Fill your resume with relevant keywords

When hiring managers go on a job site to look for qualified job seekers, they will use a bot or a search engine to weed out resumes lacking the qualities they’re looking for. Filling your resume with keywords that clearly and in detail describe the skills and training you have will place you higher up the list of potential applicants they will contact.

The Balance Careers suggests looking up job postings that are similar to the position you’re interested in and using the keywords they list that they’re looking for in an applicant. Pay special attention to the qualifications and responsibilities sections. If your experience and training fit those descriptions, be sure to use the keywords from the job posting in your resume. 

If you’re applying directly to a particular job, you should customize your resume and cover letter, if applicable, for that specific job.


Use social media to your advantage

Career fairs might be off the table, but you can still network through social media sites. If you haven’t given much thought to your LinkedIn presence lately, now would be a good time to update your profile, add links to your past projects or an online portfolio, add all the skills you have (whether they seem relevant to the job you want or not) and reach out to past employers, co-workers, roommates and anyone else you can connect with..

At the same time, be aware of what kind of social media presence you have on other sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Because your future employer might not be able to meet you in person, they might find out what they can about you online. 

Having a professional profile picture or cover photo can help make a good first impression. If your profile is public, what you post or share on your social media page may impact a hiring manager’s impression of you, as well.

Learn how to perform well in a remote interview

Interviewing from home is a little different from being in the office with the person interviewing you. Making eye contact, for instance, means looking into the webcam, rather than directly into your interviewer’s eyes. The location where you set up your webcam for your interview will make a difference, too. It’s important to avoid busy areas where there might be distracting noise or a cluttered background. You’ll also need a reliable, fast internet connection so your interview can stream smoothly. Nothing is more frustrating than a poor internet connection when you’re trying to convince a potential employer of your dependability.

Though your interviewer won’t be able to see your whole body, you should still think about dressing the part from head to toe, just in case you have to stand up during the interview and to put you into a more professional mindset. Making good use of your facial expressions and hand motions will also help you feel and look more engaged in the interview, proving to the interviewer your sincere interest in the job. 

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