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B.J. Novak was Ryan on ‘The Office.’ Now, he appears on products for cologne, face paint and razors

B.J. Novak recently went viral because his face appears on a number of products throughout the world

B.J. Novak in Los Angeles.
B.J. Novak attends the premiere of “Late Night” at the Orpheum Theatre on Thursday, May 30, 2019, in Los Angeles.
Mark Von Holden, Invision via Associated Press

Ryan may have started the fire — but B.J. Novak is selling you razors, cologne and ponchos.

Wait, why would “The Office” actor sell you all of these items? Well, it’s not exactly his idea. See, a photo of Novak’s face was added to the public domain years ago, giving companies access to use the picture for their advertisements, according to The New York Times.

Now, you can find Novak’s face on a number of products, including:

  • Calvin Klein’s cologne, called Encounter, in Sweden.
  • Face paint brands in Uruguay.
  • Electric razors in China.

Novak shared photos this week of the advertisements on his Instagram Story, showing how the photo is used in ads for a number of products.

  • “Years ago, someone mistakenly put an image of me on a public domain site, and now apparently I am on products all around the world,” he wrote on Instagram, per BuzzFeed News.
  • “I am too amused to do anything about it,” he said on Instagram.