Abby Huntsman revealed in a new podcast why she really left the daily talk show, “The View.”

Huntsman, who was a conservative host on “The View” alongside Meghan McCain, announced her departure in 2020, seemingly to assist her father Jon Huntsman in the Utah gubernatorial race.

  • However, Huntsman recently said on the “I Wish Somebody Told Me” podcast that the decision came from something else, according to Deadline. In fact, Huntsman said she wanted to leave the show before her father asked her to work on his political campaign.
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She said the show’s workplace environment “did not reflect my values” and was “rewarding people for bad behavior.”

  • “I’m never going to write a tell-all book,” she said, per Deadline. But the “executives in charge” created a workplace culture that “was all about money and the tabloids,” she said.
  • She added, “You would see people act in ways that were not OK, that was very much part of the toxic environment of ‘The View,’ and here we were going on the air criticizing others for toxic culture.”

Huntsman told the Deseret News that she left the show after wondering what life would be like if she didn’t help her father in the gubernatorial race.

  • “It was over the holiday break,” she said. “I thought about what it will be like a year from now when my dad’s race has passed. No matter what happens in the race, I don’t think I would ever forgive myself for not being there and helping him. Because that’s what we do as a family. We always rally together during these times. I feel like my parents have given me so much and have pushed me to really go after my dreams at a young age. They were always so supportive of me and never asked for anything in return. As part of that, they really taught me to value family and my roots. Utah is where I was raised. That’s where I went to school, and that’s where I learned everything about life.”