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This ‘What If...?’ season finale prediction is too good not to share

Marvel’s ‘What If...?’ is about to finish its run. But could a major villain show up in the final episode?

SHARE This ‘What If...?’ season finale prediction is too good not to share
He Who Remains in “Loki.”

He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) in “Loki.”

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I want to give a shoutout to Matt Ramos, an entertainment journalist for Complex, for tweeting out a theory for the “What If...?” season finale that’s so good, it needs to happen.

Marvel will drop the Season 1 finale of “What If...?” Wednesday morning, giving us a conclusion to the end of the multiverse story. The show — originally thought to be a package of isolated episodes — has slowly become a more connected story, as the villain Vision emerged as a huge threat for the multiverse.

In Episode 8 of the show — “What If...Ultron won?” — we see a future in which the Avengers never stop Ultron in “Age of Ultron.” Thus, Ultron and his drones take over the world, killing off the Avengers and nearly ending the world. Soon after, Ultron takes possession of the Infinity Stones. So imagine the smartest mind in the world having control of the most powerful tools in the universe. Yeah — that’s a big bad for you.

Ultron soon becomes aware of the Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), who has been observing all of the events of “What If...?” and narrating what happens. This leads to the Watcher and Ultron battling each other, bouncing through different universes as they fight.

The Watcher, seemingly defeated, heads off to one universe where Doctor Strange literally ended the universe because he couldn’t live without the love of his life. The Watcher asks Doctor Strange for help, a sign that the Avengers shown throughout this show will unite and become Guardians of the Multiverse for the season finale.

But let’s head back to Ramos’ theory — that there could be something darker waiting around the corner. Ramos tweeted that the perfect ending to “What If...?” would be if Kang the Conquerer (He Who Remains) shows up and defeats Ultron.

“He’s more obsessed with the multiverse & it would be the perfect way to show his power & set him up as the next big bad!” Ramos tweeted.

For the uninitiated, Kang the Conquerer is another name for He Who Remains, the character seen at the end of “Loki,” who was controlling the multiverse. (For context, Jonathan Majors played He Who Remains in the “Loki” Season 1 finale and he has been hired to play Kang in the upcoming “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” — a sign that they are the same character.)

We saw He Who Remains become a major power in one universe, which Loki finds himself in at the end of the “Loki” Season 1 finale. He Who Remains said in the Season 1 finale of “Loki” that there are other variants of him who are worse — variants that would look to take over the universe. This was a subtle hint that He Who Remains will be the big villain for the next round of Marvel projects, taking the mantle from Thanos (or, in some ways, Loki, who was the original villain in the MCU before Thanos showed up).

Indeed, having Kang show up at the end of “What If...?” to take down Ultron would be a sign that he is the true big villain out there in the multiverse and would pose the biggest threat to the Avengers.

And it would be a cool payoff for those who have been watching the Marvel projects on Disney+ without ruining later experiences for MCU feature film viewers. It would only add more context to Kang/He Who Remains without downplaying him in future projects. Having Kang show up in “What If...?” would be a great way for the character to make an impact, build his backstory and show that he is the true villain to be watching out for in the future.

I will say, there aren’t any major hints that Kang will show up in the finale, though. But, it wasn’t like there were many hints he’d appear in “Loki,” either. We’ll have to wait to see what happens in Wednesday’s finale. But if the multiverse is up for grabs in the upcoming finale, then you know anything is possible — even the reveal of the next great Marvel villain.r