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The most popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state

Which Thanksgiving dishes are most popular? What should you cook for Thanksgiving?

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Illustration by Zoë Petersen

Christmas might be only weeks away. But don’t forget about Thanksgiving and all of the popular side dishes that go along with it.

Thanksgiving, the annual holiday where we’re supposed to give thanks, has another important message — eat as much food as you can. That food includes epic side dishes, like cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, Brussel sprouts (yeah, I went there) and yaaaaams!

But one person’s favorite side dish is another person’s leftovers. We don’t all enjoy the same side dishes. In fact, there’s a distinct difference across the country about what side dishes are top tier and which ones bottom out.

GrillCookBake.com recently pulled together the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state using Google Search interest from the last five years.

What is Utah’s most popular Thanksgiving dish?

Utah’s favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is ... rolls.

  • Rolls. Like, bread rolls that go on the side.
  • You might find that boring, but it’s apparently a pretty popular item across the West.

What is the West’s most popular Thanksgiving side dish?

Rolls were actually deemed the favorite side dish in Idaho, Wyoming and New Mexico (they also ranked high in West Virginia).

  • Montana’s most popular dish was green bean casserole.
  • Colorado and Nevada see mashed potatoes as more popular than any other side dish.

What are the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes across the country?

  • Macaroni and cheese, as well as mashed potatoes, were tied for the side dish with the most states at 10 each.
  • Many of the mac and cheese states were in the South.
  • Vermont was the only state that supported cranberry sauce.
  • Broccoli casserole (Kentucky), cranberry sauce (Vermont), creamed corn (South Dakota), dressing (Alabama), and white gravy (Arkansas) all had one state each.
  • Dressing is different than stuffing, which pulled six states.