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This ‘Star Wars’ movie faces a major delay

Patty Jenkins’ ‘Rogue Squadron’ will be delayed. Here’s why

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A battle in “Star Wars: Squadrons.”

A battle in “Star Wars: Squadrons,” a video game from EA about “Star Wars” battles. Patty Jenkins’ “Rogue Squadron” will be delayed.

Electronic Arts

“Rogue Squadron” — the first “Star Wars” feature film since 2019’s “The Rise of Skywalker” — will face a major delay despite plans to go into production in 2022.

‘Rogue Squadron’ delayed

Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Rogue Squadron,” which will be directed by “Wonder Woman” filmmaker Patty Jenkins, will need more time to start production.

  • Jenkins and fellow writer Matthew Robinson started to develop the film for more than one year.
  • Production was going to start in 2022.
  • Preproduction was slated to start in late 2021.

Why is ‘Rogue Squadron’ delayed?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the producers and filmmaking team came to the realization that Jenkins’ schedule and other commitments wouldn’t allow for the window needed to make the movie in 2022.”

‘Star Wars’ updates coming soon

We may hear more about “Rogue Squadron” on Disney+ Day, the annual celebratory day for Disney+. But it’s unlikely since “Rogue Squadron” won’t likely appear on Disney+ at first.