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High school football: Deseret News 2021 4A all-state team

Here’s a look at the 2021 Deseret News 4A high school football all-state team as voted on by the state’s coaches

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Ridgeline High School football QB Kaden Cox passes the ball during the 2021 4A championship game against Dixie High School.

Ridgeline High School football QB Kaden Cox passes the ball during the 4A championship game against Dixie High at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021.

Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Note: The Deseret News all-state teams are based on coaches votes from a list of nominated players from each team.

4A Player of the Year

Kaden Cox, Ridgeline, Sr., QB

Completed 72% of his passes for 3,776 yards and 55 touchdowns in leading Ridgeline to state championship. He only threw two interceptions.


Deseret News All-State

Football archives

The Deseret News has 90-plus years of football all-state teams archived at DeseretNews.com dating back to 1930.

4A First Team

QB: Bronson Barben, Dixie, Sr. — 1,731 passing yards, 16 TDs, rushed for 3 more TDs.

TB: Noah White, Ridgeline, Sr. — 2,002 rushing yards, 19 TDs, 2,500 yards total offense.

TB: Keith Adams, Pine View, Sr. — 1,376 rush yards, 22 TDs.

WR: Strat Simmons, Ridgeline, Sr. — 68 receptions, 1,101 yards, 17 TDs.

WR: Jackson Olsen, Ridgeline, Jr. — 63 receptions, 1,125 yards, 17 TDs, 2 kickoff return TDs.

WR: Ja’ Kheo Mitchell, Dixie, Sr. — 37 receptions, 637 yards, 10 TDs.

TE: Eric Olsen, Desert Hills, Sr. — 46 receptions, 737 yards, 7 TDs.

OT: Jake Alles, Ridgeline, Jr. — Team averaged 45 ppg.

OT: Bryce Radford, Green Canyon, Sr. — Great motor anchored O-line.

OG: Daimien Boehme, Ridgeline, Sr. — Key to run game that averaged 7.1 yards per carry.

OG: Jesse Navejas, Bear River, Sr. — 24 pancake blocks.

C: Peter Falaniko, Pine View, Sr. — 3-year starter, 60 pancakes, zero sacks.

DE: Tanner Paskett, Ridgeline, Jr. — 54 tackles, 10 sacks.

DE: Cade Hanson, Dixie, Sr. — 67 tackles 22 TFL, 13 sacks.

DT: Fasito’otai Salanoa-Sagapolu, Crimson Cliffs, Sr. — 86 tackles, 10.5 TFL, 8 sacks.

DT: Will Wheatley, Green Canyon, So. — 77 tackles, 11 TFL, 10 sacks, 8 hurries.

MLB: Cy Nunley, Desert Hills, Sr. — 115 tackles, 6 TFL, 4 INTs, 5 forced fumbles.

MLB: Jackson Griffiths, Crimson Cliffs, Sr. — 126 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles.

OLB: Bryson Bennett, Cedar, Jr. — 119 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 20 TFL.

OLB: Jaxen Hollingsworth, Ridgeline, Sr. — 90 tackles, 11 TFL, 2 sacks.

CB: Mamao Tofi, Dixie, Sr. — 54 tackles, 6 TFL, 7 INTs.

CB: Brooks Esplin, Snow Canyon, Jr. — Shutdown corner, 2 INTs, 35 tackles.

S: Awsten Turnbow, Desert Hills, Sr. — 51 tackles, 8 INTs.

S: Cole Watterson, Sky View, Sr. — 47 tackles, 3 INTs.

PK: Kasen Erickson, Sky View, Sr. — 6 FGs, 38 PATS, all but one kickoff was a touchback.

P: Austin Kogan, Pine View, Sr. — 47 punts, 45.3-yard average.

ATH: Turner Williams, Pine View, Sr. — 1,600 yards total offense, 2 kickoff return TDs.

4A Second Team

QB: Noah Fuailetolo, Desert Hills, Jr.

FB: Easton Droubay, Crimson Cliffs, Sr.

TB: Matthew Mason, Logan, Sr.

WR: Dominique McKenzie, Pine View, Sr.

WR: Davis Hall, Sky View, Sr.

WR: RJ Wright, Hurricane, Jr.

TE: Kyle Baker, Green Canyon, Sr.

OT: Kenneth Ericksen, Dixie, Sr.

OT: Dylan Pullen, Crimson Cliffs, Sr.

OG: Dylan Atkinson, Green Canyon, Jr.

OG: Alex Lundahl, Ridgeline, Sr.

C: Easton Dahlke, Ridgeline, Jr.

DE: Parker Allen, Cedar, Sr.

DE: Bridger Hammond, Ridgeline, Sr.

DT: Jeffrey Toloa, Pine View, Sr.

DT: Robby Tangren, Desert Hills, Sr.

MLB: Will Booth, Ridgeline, Sr.

MLB: Treven Alldredge, Dixie, Jr.

OLB: Kimball Jackson, Sky View, Sr.

OLB: Michael Cabrera, Logan, So.

CB: Marcus McKenzie, Pine View, Sr.

CB: Ashton Macfarlane, Ridgeline, Jr.

S: Corbin Cuff, Crimson Cliffs, Sr.

S: Terrell Lee, Mountain Crest, Sr.

PK: Aaron Young, Ridgeline, Fr.

P: Nalu Loo, Crimson Cliffs, Sr.

ATH: Shea Anderson, Dixie, Sr.

4A Honorable Mention

QB: Hunter Johnson, Snow Canyon, Jr.

QB: Garrett Zollinger, Sky View, Sr.

TB: Tyden Morris, Desert Hills, Jr.

FB: Ben Ellis, Cedar, Sr.

WR: Gage Jenson, Logan, Sr.

WR: Caden Stuart, Green Canyon, Jr.

WR: Tyson Moten, Pine View, Sr.

TE: Peyton Knowles, Ridgeline, Sr.

OT: Stewart Taufa, Desert Hills, Fr.

OT: Tayson Hoffman, Logan, Sr.

C: Jack Wang, Logan, Sr.

C: Mahonri Tonumaipea, Hurricane, Jr.

DT: Dax Dehek, Sky View, Sr.

DT: Dawson Bundy, Desert Hills, Sr.

MLB: Reed Wilde, Sky View, Sr.

MLB: Carson Olsen, Mountain Crest, Jr.

MLB: Zach Andrus, Crimson Cliffs, Sr.

MLB: Bode Ray, Dixie, Sr.

OLB: Brody Hamann, Green Canyon, Jr.

CB: Josh Thomsen, Logan, Sr.

CB: Jaxson Cleverly, Crimson Cliffs, Sr.

CB: Ryker Jeppsen, Bear River, Jr.

S: Luke Jacobsen, Ridgeline, Sr.

S: Peyton Johnson, Green Canyon, Jr.

PK: Caleb Naegle, Green Canyon, Jr.

ATH: Carter Ashby, Hurricane, Jr.

ATH: Preston Lofthouse, Mountain Crest, Sr.