“Star Wars” icon Anthony Daniels recently told the “Star Wars” community that he has received the COVID-19 vaccine, and he wants others to do the same.

What happened

Daniels — who plays C-3PO in the “Star Wars” films — posted a photo of himself getting the COVID-19 vaccine on Instagram.

  • “Droids don’t get COVID. But humans do. Please … Get vaccinated, too. My thanks to Dr Aboi and the NHS UK,” he wrote on Instagram.

Daniels is currently 74 years old. The United Kingdom is giving out the COVID-19 vaccine to those 70 years old and up, as well as those who are extremely vulnerable to the virus and who work or live in care homes, according to the UK’s National Health Services.

Daniels on his future

Daniels told CinemaBlend back in November that he doesn’t expect to be included in a “Star Wars” film or project for “a very, very long time” since the Skywalker Saga is finished.

That said, Daniels said he would never give up the gig, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

  • “No, I’m never going to retire,” Daniels confirmed. “They’re going to have to throw me out the door. ... Life is not over, the films, may be taking a back seat for ‘3PO,’ for a very very long time, I would think. But there’s all sorts of other media, particularly now with digital formats, that I’m so happy, and grateful and proud to be part of. And I do want to go on looking after ‘3PO’ because he needs looking after.”