Taylor Swift may have hinted at her next album during her appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Tuesday night.

Taylor Swift teases new album

During “The Late Show,” Swift and Colbert chatted about her recent rereleased album “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).” Swift is currently rereleasing her old albums with rerecorded songs so that she owns copies of the music.

Slowly, the conversation between Swift and Colbert drifted away from “Fearless” and toward something else. Swift kept dropping hints and references to themes of her hit album “1989,” according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

  • “The thing about that feeling that I think that maybe you should address within yourself, I think it’s something that you should process, and then take the feeling that you’re feeling and just shake it off, right?” Swift said after Colbert asked if her song “Hey Stephen” was about him, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

Swift then “went to great lengths to mention New York City,” which might have been a reference to her song “Welcome to New York,” according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

Fans are convinced ‘1989’ is coming soon

Fans immediately went to work to dissect Swift’s interview, according to BuzzFeed News. Swift has been known in the past to drop Easter eggs and subtle clues for her album release dates, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see such an event here.

Why is Taylor Swift recording her music again?

Swift decided to rerecord her old music because music executive Scooter Braun bought the master recordings of her first six albums in June 2019 when he bought Big Machine Label Group, according to CNN.

Braun then sold the masters to private equity company Shamrock Holdings for over $300 million, per Variety.

Now, Swift wants to record her old songs again so that she owns copies of her own music and lyrics.