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Is Dogecoin about to join Coinbase?

Coinbase said Dogecoin may be sold on its platform soon.

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The mobile phone icon for the Coinbase app.

The mobile phone icon for the Coinbase app is shown in this photo, in New York, Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Coinbase is going public at a time when chatter about cryptocurrencies is everywhere, even at the United States Federal Reserve.

Richard Drew, Associated Press

Can you buy Dogecoin on Coinbase? Not yet, but it could happen soon.

When will Dogecoin come to Coinbase?

The cryptocurrency exchange app Coinbase said Thursday it would soon offer Dogecoin, according to CNBC. The meme-based cryptocurrency would likely be available in the next six to eight weeks on the platform.

  • According to MarketWatch, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that Coinbase needs to improve the way it adds new digital assets, like Dogecoin, to its app so it can offer more options for people.

Where can you buy Dogecoin?

Right now, the Robinhood app is the main location for buying and selling Dogecoin. A move to Coinbase would allow Dogecoin to be traded more widely since Coinbase has such a huge user base. Per The Associated Press, Coinbase had about 43 million unique users in 2020 alone. Close to 2.8 million of those users made some sort of transaction every month.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase went public back in April 2021, which experts saw as a major moment for the cryptocurrency industry.

  • “Cryptocurrency advocates — many of whom expect the technology to upend the global financial system — are celebrating the watershed as vindication of their long-held belief in their cause’s potential,” according to The New York Times.