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‘The Bad Batch’ had a snoozer episode, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important

‘The Bad Batch’ had a new episode that showed the Bad Batch on the run

SHARE ‘The Bad Batch’ had a snoozer episode, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important
The Bad Batch in “Bad Batch.”

Crosshair, Echo, Wrecker, Hunter and Tech in “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.” “The Bad Batch” had a new episode that showed the Bad Batch on the run.


“The Bad Batch” returned for its latest episode Friday morning. And, truth to be told, it was a bit of a snoozer. But it hinted there’s more at stake than we think when it comes to the Bad Batch soldiers and Omega.

The latest episode — called “Cornered” — begins with the Bad Batch trying to find a planet where they can hide out from the Empire. They decide upon the planet Pantora, which looks like a budget version of Coruscant. While there, they run into some major issues as Fennec Shand chases them across a city in a search for Omega, the fifth member of the team.

In large part, this episode is slow. There’s not a lot of new material to really work with when you compare it to the rest of the show’s run. Here’s a quick overview of the highlights.

More reaction to the Empire

We see a few moments that highlight how the Empire is affecting the galaxy. There’s a scene where we notice the Empire saying people can convert their now-defunct Republic currency for new Imperial Credits — another sign of how the Empire controls the economy. We’ve seen previous signs in other episodes of this show. There are also discussions about “chain codes” in this episode. We see citizens lining up to get their own unique chain code so the Empire can keep track of them. Clearly, the Empire is making its mark.

This is no more prevalent than when the Empire’s soldiers waltz through the streets of Pantora. The citizens in the street clap for the soldiers, cheering them for ending the Clone Wars. Omega, in her cute innocence, wonders why people would be upset with the cheering for soldiers since they ended a war. Hunter then explains that it depends on which side of the war you were on, a sign that he does not agree with how the end of the war shaped out.

Those little moments about how the Clone Wars impacted the general population are what make this show so intriguing. We’re seeing more and more about the Republic’s shift to an Empire, and we’re learning about the wars among the stars — you know, the star wars — impact the general population. Those are some of the best moments this show has to offer.

What’s the deal with Omega?

Probably the biggest question after this episode is why there’s such an interest in Omega. Throughout the episode, Fennec Shand tries to find the Bad Batch and track down Omega. By the end, she’s explaining to her leader that she will find Omega and eventually bring her back to Camino. It’s quite interesting to see Omega have such an emphasis this early on, meaning she might be more important than she lets on.

I’m intrigued to know where this is going. Will Omega become an important character in the larger “Star Wars” story? Will she join the Rebellion to take down the Empire? Does she become a soldier?

The newest “Star Wars” character has an open road of possibilities. I hope she ends up having more importance than we know so far. It would be great if she becomes a key piece in the greater story. That’s something else that makes these “Star Wars” shows so great. New stories end up changing the way we see the bigger projects. And I’m definitely on board for that to happen.