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Could Dogecoin become the currency of Mars?

Elon Musk could make Dogecoin the currency of Mars

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A dog bowl with coins symbolizing the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

An illustration of the Dogecoin meme cryptocurrency.

Alex Cochran

Could Dogecoin become the currency for Mars? Palantir CEO Joe Lonsdale recently said it’s possible.

Lonsdale recently talked about Dogecoin on CNBC and how Tesla CEO Elon Musk could impact the future of the cryptocurrency.

  • “If Elon Musk decides he wants to make something the currency on Mars, I bet you he could do it and I bet you Dogecoin is going to be around for a while,” he said.
  • “There’s nothing completely irrational about a very slowly growing cryptocurrency.”

Musk has been a major fan of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, often tweeting about it and touting it. A lot of the recent success for the cryptocurrency surrounds Musk’s upcoming appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” Investors believe that Musk could mention the cryptocurrency, which will send the value skyrocketing to the moon. Or, in this case, Mars.

Could Musk really make Dogecoin a currency on Mars?

  • “I don’t think it’s as crazy as it sounds,” Lonsdale told CNBC, according to Benzinga.
  • He added, “Even though it is dog money.”

Palantir Technologies — which went public in August 2020 — helps people make sense of their data, according to The New York Times. The company will review information and pull it together in a way so people can make sense of it all.