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Cool tech gadgets for any dad in 2021

Whether your dad is watching his heart rate, a frequent flyer or an Apple fanboy, these tech gifts for any budget are sure to please this Father’s Day

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iMac desktop computers are displayed in an Apple store in New York.

In this May 21, 2021, file photo, iMac desktop computers are displayed in an Apple store in New York.

Mark Lennihan, Associated Press

People often complain that dads are the hardest people to buy for. But every father out there loves a cool gadget.

Maybe the special guy in your life is trying to slim down his dad bod, or get more heart healthy. The Withings Body Cardio Scale shows more than just how much your dad weighs.

It can also track body fat, body mass index and standing heart rate. All of the data syncs to the Health Mate app where he can set goals and find extra motivation. The scale will display a graph with the eight most recent weight measurements to easily see progress. And dad doesn’t have to keep the scale all to himself since it will recognize up to eight users.

Withings claims this is the only smart scale that gives a cardiovascular checkup in less than 30 seconds. So even if dad’s weight is staying the same, he can see whether his vascular health is improving. The body composition analysis can track muscle, fat and bone mass and tell dad if he’s hydrating enough. The scale uses sensors that work via an undetectable current that runs through the body. It measures the resistance of biological tissues to the flow of this current to assess body composition.

The Body Cardio scale is $149.95, comes in white or black and has a one-year warranty.

Dads and gadgets seem to go hand in hand, but they may need some help to keep their charging stations organized. The iHome TimeBase Pro+ will add some class and declutter any bedside table.

It has wireless charging for a phone and an Apple Watch plus a USB port to charge another device, like earbuds. The wireless charging base for the phone keeps it in an upright position so dads can use it for video calls as well.

The soft light of the alarm clock means he won’t have to tap his phone to find out what time it is and it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. It comes in a manly gray fabric with a gunmetal paint finish and is priced at $99.99.

The MEATER Plus wireless smart thermometer has a range of up to 165 feet, is dishwasher safe and costs $99. It has a bamboo charging dock that’s stylish enough to leave out and can attach to any metallic surface with its magnetic backing.

Dad can stick the fully wireless probe in any meat he’s cooking on the grill, oven or smoker and monitor its temperature through his phone. He tells the app what he’s cooking and how he wants it cooked and the accompanying app will let him know how much time it should take.

Frequent flyers know that depending on the airplane, travelers can get stuck with an onboard entertainment system that won’t work with wireless earbuds. To make sure dad doesn’t resort to paying for a pair of cheap plug-in earbuds, spend $44.99 and buy him this a wireless headphone adapter. 

AirFly Pro is a transmitter he can plug into a headphone jack anywhere that doesn’t support Bluetooth (think treadmills or older model boats and cars). AirFly Pro is also a headphone splitter, so two people can listen at once, even using different brands of wireless headphones or earbuds. The next time dad rents a car, he won’t have to sync his entire phone with it, but can plug this adapter in instead.

For a novelty gadget with nearly 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, gift a LumiLux Toilet Light for $12.70. It hooks on to the bowl of any toilet and uses body heat detection to know when to turn on. It boasts 16 colors to choose from, or dad can decide to have the light carousel through the colors for a midnight surprise. It detects body heat as far as 18 feet away, has a five-stage dimmer and deactivates if the bathroom light is on. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “Where has this been all my life?” 

One of these gifts will be a hit whether your dad could use an easier tracker for heart health, a fix to tidy up his nightstand, a gadget to cook the perfect steak, a way to make everything Bluetooth friendly or a unique nightlight for the bathroom. No doubt your dad will appreciate these smart gadgets way more than any sock and tie combo you were planning on wrapping up.